1 Year Special – TBG’s Greatest Moments in Gaming Pt. 2

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As part of the 1st-anniversary celebrations at TBG towers @pigswing thought it would be a good idea for everyone to chip in and provide a few words about their greatest moments in gaming. It didn’t have to be the most critically praised title just the experience that stuck with us the most. Well, of course, we jumped at the chance to talk about ourselves (for once) so here it is –  TBG’s Greatest Moments in Gaming Pt. 2!


Stephen @colonelkatafi


There have been many many great gaming moments for me but I would have to say the best is when Bubble Bobble used to crash on my Amstrad back in the late ’80s. A weird one I know but it’s a game me and brother enjoyed a great deal. The problem is when you got to around level 90 the game would crash! This is my greatest gaming moment because it just meant we would load it up and start again from the beginning. We never completed it but we didn’t care, I treasure the time, my big brother and I would game together for hours and I’ve always looked up to him in a big way.


Jill @jillr83


I’ve been gaming a pretty long time (30 ish years, cough, cough) and there have been so many amazing moments for me. From recusing a female egg from an evil wizard to literally everything Cave Johnson says in Portal 2. But the stand-out moment for me will always be the “Would you kindly?” reveal in Bioshock. Let’s face it at this point the silent protagonist was a well-known trope, blindly following orders and quest markers without question, and I think most of us as players all generally do what the game tells us to do. So the “Would you kindly” reveal for me was both a twist that M Night Shyamalan would pee his pants over and a brilliant bit of storytelling. Where a common and friendly turn of phrase takes on an entirely new horrific meaning. That hollowness in your stomach when you realise you’ve been absolutely played, misled and this is not going to end well. It still gets me even when I replay it, although I wish sometimes I could wipe the memory from my brain so I could feel that shock of discovery again. I don’t think any other twist in a game have even come that close and I now have a deep mistrust of anyone who uses the words “would you kindly?” in conversation.


Craig @thebreadroll


Looking back at all the great moments I have experienced in gaming it was a tricky one to pull out the hat. From attempting to rescue my kidnapped girlfriend in Bubble Bobble, epic showdowns with screen-filling bosses in God of War, Intense combo filled duels in Devil May Cry, my introduction to RPG’s with Diablo or the classic puzzling adventure fun with Dizzy….but there really was one moment that couldn’t be denied. Return to Shadow Moses in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots!

Beginning the mission with the opening section of MGS1 in full PS1 graphics and gameplay was nothing short of a goosebump-raising nostalgia trip. Navigating with the old school isometric camera as I avoided the guards and “a surveillance camera?” was really a trip down memory lane for both myself as a player and the lead character Old Snake. Suddenly Snake wakes up in the current phase of MGS4. As the helicopter lands on a snowy outcrop I progress back towards the Shadow Moses complex, heading over a crest the snow clears to reveal the helipad entrance to Shadow Moses as a classic music score slowly rises is another incredible fourth wall breaking moment from Hideo Kojima, as he put me squarely in Snake’s shoes. Hearing overtures of dialogue from the original mission/game that we both experienced and remember from many years ago. Also switching from the PS1 to the PS3 graphics and gameplay really showed how far the series has come at that point.


Simon @sholmes169


To discuss my greatest gaming moment, I’ll start by saying that I find it difficult to play games while in one of my ‘funks’ and even struggle to talk. During one of these times, my friends decided we should all go through the Dark Souls games. As you know the Souls series is very challenging but as you learn the systems, you learn how to not push things too far and get overly cocky. My issue was that playing online meant talking was very much key, especially when managing three players as the boss fights become very unpredictable.

Yet while playing I noticed something happening with each boss we battled, I was able to concentrate more and talk more. With my friends, I was able to go through the first two Dark Souls and Bloodborne ready for when Dark Souls 3 came out. Finishing each game gave me an amazing sense of self-worth, whether it was beating the Cinder Lord, conquering Vendrick or any of the bosses in Bloodborne – Darkbeast Parl, Amygdala plus some others which I won’t mention due to spoilers. Working my way through the games helped me cope with my problems in the real world. This is one of my greatest moments in gaming as now I use this method to help my life get better one game at a time.


That’s it for part two, be sure to check back soon for more updates!

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