101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die – Part 1

As wrestling fans, we all have our own favourite Pay-Per-Views, episodes of RAW etc., or live events that we love to recommend to fellow followers of our beloved sport, or to newbies trying to find their way in the vast libraries available to us thanks to the WWE Network. Well, we’re no different here at Two Beard Gaming. In fact, what we’re going to attempt to do over the next few weeks and months is bring you our personal picks for the 101 Wrestling Shows to Watch Before You Die. Not in the literal sense, but it does have a catchy hook to it.

Before we kick off, let’s make a few things clear. This list is not based on so-called work rate, or whether Dave Meltzer gave it 6 stars. No, it will be based on the overall audience appeal, and what they meant to whichever company hosted them. Beyond that anything goes.

So why not get comfortable, grab your laptop or open up the WWE Network and watch along with us as we look at numbers 101 – 97.


101. SUMMERSLAM 1994 – WWE, AUGUST 29TH 1994

WWE Summerslam 1994 (WWF)

Back in the glory days of the then WWF, when the company only help a handful of PPV’s a year, Summerslam ’94 had a genuine big-time feel to it.

The year-long rivalry between battling brothers Bret and Owen Hart peaked here in one of the greatest steel cage matches of all time. There was also a solid undercard featuring Diesel and Razor Ramon battling for the Intercontinental Championship. The main event was the dreaded Undertaker versus The UnderFAKER match, with Paul Bearer and Ted DiBiase in each dead man’s respective corner. The match was a dud – but the build-up was worth it, and let’s be honest – who could follow Bret and Owen?

Overall, Summerslam 1994 is a highly overlooked show, and you should check it out of the WWE Network straight away.




Widely regarded as one of ECW’s finest PPV shows ever, Anarchy Rulz ’99 had a fantastic mix of action which was enhanced by a white-hot live crowd in Chicago.

The show will best be remembered for a thrilling Jerry Lynn and Lance Storm masterclass, as well as a full-on war between Sabu and Justin Credible. The main event of the show was a true passing of the torch moment as the late, great Mike Awesome defeated Taz and Masato Tanaka to become the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. This was supercard action at its very finest.



WCW Spring Stampede 1999

Ok sure, 1999 was clearly the time when World Championship Wrestling began its untimely fall from grace, however that year’s Spring Stampede event showed glimpses of excellence that the company had once been known for.

Standout matches included a blistering opener between Juventud Guerrera and Blitzkrieg, and an insane Hardcore scrap between Bam Bam Bigelow and former ECW alumnus The Sandman, now going by the name Hak. The underrated due of Raven and Saturn would do battle with Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko in a near 15-minute tag team match, and we even enjoyed the short but sweet encounter between Goldberg and Kevin Nash. Diamond Dallas Page would also defeat Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Sting in the main event of what could easily be described as WCW’s last great supercard.



TNA Turning Point (WWE)


We’re including Turning Point from 2004 because for its time this was a fantastic alternative wrestling show to what we were used to seeing and brought new eyes to the TNA product.

Unlike in later years, the Florida based crowd were red hot all night, not yet feeling the effects of overexposure to the flagging product we’ve come to know. It’s no wonder the fans were excited though with great matches up and down the card. Highlights included former WCW rivals Raven and DDP in a grudge match, and X Division Champion Petey Williams besting Chris Sabin in another high energy entry in the series of matches these two had around this time.

America’s Most Wanted facing Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels in a Six Sides of Steel match was the high point of an excellent PPV. If you haven’t seen it then we implore you to check it out on the Global Wrestling Network right away – and prepare yourself for one of TNA’s greatest moments, and yes we’re talking about that moment with Elix Skipper.


97. WrestleMania X-SEVEN – WWE, APRIL 1ST 2001

WWE WrestleMania X-Seven

Top to bottom this may still be the greatest WrestleMania of all time.

Matches included Kurt Angle Vs Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho Vs William Regal, and the infamous TLC match between The Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, and Edge and Christian. With such variety, it’s hard to truly highlight the very best moments – though we’re sure everyone reading this has their own highlights!

WrestleMania X-Seven is a PPV worth checking out for not only the stacked card but also for the rabid intensity of the sold-out Texas crowd.


We’ll be back next week for numbers 96 – 91. For now though be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and if you feel the need, why not hit us in the head with a flaming baseball bat covered in barbed wire? Actually, on second thoughts …


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  1. This looks to be a fun list. Really curious to see where some of my personal classics fall.

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