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WWE: NXT Results & Recap – February 20th, 2019

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This week’s NXT started off with Aleister Black vs Roderick Strong. And who’s going to complain with that? This match didn’t last as long as I thought it would but it was good while it lasted. Black ended up winning with his Black Mass kick. But there was no time for celebrating because the rest of the Undisputed Era came in soon after to attack Black. This didn’t last long thanks to Ricochet running in to help Black. I was really thinking Black would take the loss here considering he just got called up to the main roster. So why not give the other guy the win?



After the match was a backstage segment where Rachel Ellering was being announced as the newest NXT member. This was interrupted with Baszler and her gang causing a ruckus with the other members in the women’s locker room. We then see a promo where Bianca Belair said she should be the champ if it wasn’t for the ref getting knocked out at TakeOver and that she still considers herself Un-de-feat-ed. Belair doesn’t think that Io or Kairi deserves a shot at the title. I have a feeling this will either result in a triple threat match to see who is going to be the #1 contender or just be a fatal four way for the title.

Also, we got an announcement that the Dusty Rhodes Classic Tournament will begin in two weeks. With four teams already announced: Undisputed Era, Aichner and Barthel, Forgotten Sons, and the Street Profits. Next week the other four teams will be announced. Whoever these other teams are, I can already tell you the crowd does not want to see the Forgotten Sons win. But I have a bad feeling they are getting a push.

The next match was Mia Yim vs Xia Li. Xia Li was first introduced to the WWE at the first Mae Young Classic. We haven’t seen a lot of tv time with her but she has been pretty impressive with what we’ve got to see. This was a pretty quick match though with Yim getting the win with her Protect Ya Neck finisher. Yim didn’t get to celebrate due to Baszler and her gang coming in to beat her up. Some NXT newcomers tried to come in and help but they were no match. I really have no idea where they are going with this angle but I think Baszler is probably going to get called up right after Wrestlemania.

Next we see Johnny Gargano backstage getting ready for his match with Velveteen Dream. Candice Lerae comes up to Gargano and tells him, “You know what we need to do.”, with Gargano agreeing. Ciampa is standing behind them and lets him know he’s here if he needs him. But Gargano says he doesn’t need him. While Gargano and LeRae walk off, Ciampa says that he will be watching.



After that segment, Matt Riddle is interviewed by Jeremy Borash. This is the first we’ve seen Borash on WWE since his departure from Impact Wrestling. Riddle Says he would rather be told to tone it down than to tone it up. Says his goal is the NXT North American Championship or NXT Championship

The main event is next with Velveteen Dream vs Gargano for the NXT North American Title. Dream earned this shot by winning the Worlds Collide Tournament. This match was incredible! The match started with some technical mat wrestling. But then soon became a constant transition from inside to outside the ring. The entire match was back and forth with neither wrestler having an advantage the entire match. In the end though, the Dream wins after delivering back to back Death Valley Drivers then delivering his Purple Rainmaker. After the match they showed Ciampa backstage watching the result from a monitor but no sign of LeRae. I’m curious to see how this plays out on Raw and SmackDown since Gargano and Ciampa teamed up on both shows this week. Only time will tell.


And that wraps it up for this week’s NXT. Next week Mia Yim takes on Shayna Baszler and we also see who the other four teams are for the Dusty Rhodes Classic Tournament. What will the fallout be of Gargano losing the title? Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!

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