Ice Cream Surfer – Nintendo Switch Review

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Ice Cream Surfer
Release 17/05/2018
Switch version testednintendospacer

Hello, Lord Shmup here talking about another shoot’em up on Nintendo Switch. My goal is to play as many games of this genre on Switch and make an ongoing list of best to worst. That being said, I bought Ice Cream Surfer once it went on sale. It’s a side scroller with a goofy story about cold sweet treats versus vegetables.

If the blurry looking thumbnail is any indication of the gameplay to follow, you’re in for a real treat. Thinking back of my time spent on Ice Cream Surfer leaves a bad taste in my mouth and some regret with my purchase as newer and better-looking games are released. ZL will make the game look worse in an attempt to give it a CRT mode.

Blast away at polar bears riding popsicles and other animals with frozen treats, along with what looks like a wrench in a tampon (upon further investigation of the screenshot, it’s a hand blender). Once shot, they will omit gems that pause then rush in the players direction. It’s your goal to madly collect these gems to boost your power. Once your power is high enough it will allow the special to be used. Gather sweets for power ups but avoid ice cubes as they lack sugar.

Controls are fine, your “ship” moves about in a decent manner. Levels are colourful and bosses are large but forgettable. Enemies are an assortment of animals and vegetables.

Shots are not satisfying, nor are the deaths of your foes. These are key points in shmups that make the game enjoyable. An annoying scream from the ice cream surfer is heard from each painful death that I cannot stand. GET GUD would be the solution right? I simply pressed on to defeat the game.

After shovelling water uphill for a bit, the game was placed on the beat pile and I don’t see myself returning ever again. It just wasn’t fun and felt like a waste to play. I don’t see the point in reviewing games if writers hold back their opinion, it’s yours after all. I paid money and spent time with a game and did not enjoy the experience.


Final Words:

The ending had a surprisingly nice cut scene that overshadowed the entire game. I enjoyed it and wish those positive feelings spilt over to make the overall experience better. Sadly I would not recommend this game in its current state. As I have seen recently, quality of life improvements are possible so I would love to see that happen to Ice Cream Surfer. Until then, stick to your vegetables.



TBG Score: 4/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: May 17, 2018
No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous
Category: Action, Arcade, Adventure
Publisher Dolores Entertainment S.L.
Twitter: @Dolores_Ent
Download link: eShopnintendospacer

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