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Doom & Destiny – Nintendo Switch Review

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Doom & Destiny
Release 08/02/2019
Switch version tested
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You know how it is. You go round to your friends one night for a game of Dungeons and Dragons and you end up playing for real when the game comes to life by some bizarre case of happenstance. Happens all the time right? Well, if you’ve yet to experience such a spectacle, then you could do worse than to seek out a copy of Doom & Destiny which has finally found its ideal home on the Nintendo Switch.

Four nerdy friends named Nigel, Johnny, Mike, and Francis find themselves in a strange and world inhabited by monsters and power-hungry wizards as they try to rescue their best friend and champion Dungeon Master, in this often hilarious Japanese-style RPG from the good folks over at Heartbit Interactive. Players take on the roles of all 4 lead characters, traversing the unfamiliar layout of their friends home (which is now one giant maze of dungeons), searching for potions, looting weapons and trying to stay alive, with only their extensive knowledge of paper-based role-playing-games to help them.

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You often find characters in games like this feel really fake, with forced dialogue that’s written to sound like someone who might enjoy the occasional dalliance with D&D. That’s not the case here. Heartbit have enlisted writers who know their audience because they are their audience. The fantastic foursome feels like they could be you and your friends bickering about who has the best character in the game, and exactly why they should be the leader of your clan.

Each screen is cleverly designed with intricate dungeon designs filled with loot and corridors that may or may not lead to certain doom. This has been true ever since the game was first released a few years ago, and it still holds up on the Switch in 2019. The developers have also maintained the clever mix of easy to spot goodies and so hard you might need to cheat secrets that are hidden within the walls of the dungeon, which was part of the games appeal back in the day.

Turns within the game are your standard RPG battle systems, with each player taking their turn to attack an enemy. This is a tried and tested method since the days of games like the early Final Fantasy entries and there was no need to tweak anything for Doom & Destiny. It ain’t broke, so it sure as hell doesn’t need to be fixed. What you do find though is if you target particular enemies they will hold a grudge against you, and return any attacks with great vengeance. It’s worth remembering if you have someone with low HP left on your team because that sucker is gonna get got!

The only real downside of Doom & Destiny lies within its points system. For example, your basic attacks are so weak that you’ve no choice but to use your spells to defeat foes – unless you want to be smashed into the ground. In doing so, you then realise that your spells are so effective that it makes more sense to use them every time against harder foes because it’s a sure fire way to wipe them out and advance. This can be frustrating if you over think things, but we’re lucky in that nobody playing Doom & Destiny will mind too much because the rest of the game is so much fun, and clocking in at approximately 20 hours gameplay, it’s something you can pick up on a Friday night, and hammer out over the weekend.


Final Words:

Doom & Destiny is the perfect weekend escape for any D&D aficionados out there who want a fun, cheap way to pass the time until there next visit into the realms of role-playing, and at 20 hours long, it’ll leave you plenty of time to polish your 8-sided dice.



TBG Score: 7.5/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 08/02/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: RPG
Publisher: Heartbit
Twitter: @heartbitint
Download link: eShopnintendospacer

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