1. I think you’re example of resident evil 2 is very misleading, especially if someone who hasn’t seen/heard about the game finds this.

    You stated that resi 2 has “Slight changes to the storyline for coherence and little changes to environmental aspects”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The story does follow the same general storyline, but other than that it doesn’t play out the same way, almost at all. As for the environment, there are some places in the game that feel familiar. However that is limited to only the police station, and even then the familiar parts have been reworked to incorporate new rooms as well. The parking garage, sewer, and laboratory have almost nothing in common with the original game.

    I understand you haven’t played original or the remake, but if you’re going to use it as an example for an article, you should have. You really undersold the game, as more than “a little” was done to the story and environments. Writing an article with blatant mistakes That could have been easily researched comes off as a rookie move.

    1. Hi Richard, sorry if you didn’t like what you read or thought I was misleading, that wasn’t my intention. I did say I hadn’t played either game but I thought it was a high profile game that needed mentioning. I included what people had told me about the game in discussions and as it wasn’t a review I didn’t feel the need to go into too much depth. I just wanted an overall discussion about remakes. My inspiration for the article was the Zelda announcement and it wasn’t really my intention to write about Resi 2 at all. Maybe next time I won’t include something if I don’t have first hand knowledge. Sorry you didn’t enjoy what I wrote but I really do value peoples feedback so thank you for A) taking the time to read what I wrote and B) for pointing out where I could have improved the article. All the best!

  2. Fab article! Remakes are so contentious because we all get attached to things and can get super defensive if someone even considers changing yellow spandex to black body armor. But remakes bring the old to new audiences and if it’s done well I don’t get what the issue is. I never got to play Link’s Awakening (I grew up in a Sega household) and I’m really looking forward to getting the remake.

    If I had to pick a game for remaking, it would have to be Shivers from Sierra Online – my first horror/puzzle game that I still occasionally dream about 😊😊😊

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