Brie Larson Drops Incredible ‘Captain Marvel’ Teaser on Twitter

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Oh, Brie Larson you naughty minx!

If you’re wondering why we’re openly flirting with the Kree incarnate, while our wives sit giving us the ‘evils’ on the sofa, it’s because Brie Larson has given us the greatest gift known to man – an exclusive look at some of the white-hot action sequences from her upcoming Captain Marvel movie.

Last night, while most of us were trying our hardest to get to sleep, Larsen Tweeted “I’ll just leave this here” as if it was no big thing. In fact, it could have been easy to just scroll past the post if you weren’t really paying attention, but if – like us – you worship at the Temple of Brie then you’ll have been treated to perhaps the best teaser for Captain Marvel we’ve had to date.

Captain Marvel.png

You can view the Tweet, and the video below:

This is all very cool, but we have to be totally honest – the most exciting thing in the entire video has to be spotting Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury driving through the streets of 90s LA – an obvious homage to his role as Jules in Pulp Fiction, except here he’s chasing a train instead of a “Le Big Mac”.

Captain Marvel crash lands in cinemas March 8th, 2019.


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