5 Great Single-Player Games For A Very Special Valentine’s Day

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Today is Valentine’s Day once again! Yes, we’ve gone there – sorry. It’s a time for couples to inappropriately display their feelings in public, a time for those looking for love to send elaborate gifts in a bid to entice a mate… BUT it is also a time for the single people among us. We’re not all into that sort of thing and that’s perfectly ok with us. Some are lucky enough to be able to play games all day long without a care in the world (or if the gift idea goes tits up) either way TBG is here to help!

Join us as we take a look at some of the best single-player games currently available, hell some even have a smidge of romance thrown in for good measure.


Mass Effect


If real-world love has not been the kindest to you in recent times then you can always jump back into the Mass Effect universe. Pitched as a sci-fi action-role-playing third-person-shooter coming from developer BioWare. With a great storyline, minus the original ending for 3 and we won’t talk about Andromeda, there is a big focus on character interaction and even relationships. It’s a perfect excuse to try your hand at some intergalactic species erotica this Valentines.




This puzzle platform game is just damn bizarre and straight from crazy the minds over at Atlus. It follows the adventures of Vincent who is being torn between his feelings for girlfriend Katherine and the similarly-named Catherine. Smart move on the name front Vincent should be easy to remember! Although after playing through Catherine it might make you think twice before looking for romance.


Final Fantasy X


This is the tenth game in the series and aptly known as Final Fantasy Kiss (X). Set in the world of Spira it follows the story of Tidus as he is rescued by Al Bhed salvagers. He soon sets off on an epic adventure with his newfound friends and a young summoner Yuna. With action, romance and heartbreak this is a fun single-player experience and one that will keep you occupied for a long time.


God of War


If smashing the living daylights out of everything that moves is your sort of thing today then look no further. The development team over at Santa Monica Studios once thought about making this phenomenal outing for Kratos a co-op affair before firmly ditching the idea and leaving him in the aftermath of a one night stand… oh BOY!


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The story and adventures of Geralt, a monster hunter and Witcher. This fantastical RPG is based on the novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and builds a diverse world full of things to see and do, including romancing a number of fine ladies. The release of the Wild Hunt expansion adding to this already immersive world and giving even more things to experience. It also proved that DLC can be a good thing if handled in the right way.


So there are just some of our suggestions, go play and enjoy that quality alone time… while it lasts! As always, we’d love to hear even more suggestions in the comments below, on Twitter and our Facebook pages.

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