5 Great Co-op games for special a Valentine’s Day

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It’s still Valentine’s Day and yes we’re still going there! Earlier on we took a look at some of the best single-player experiences currently available but what if you have a player two? or even a player three? – if you are into that sort of setup of course. Wow, just think about all of the added costs that would be involved, timing issues, exhaustion… but I digress and each to their own.

Here in this second chapter, we take a look at 5 Great Co-Op games for a Special Valentine’s Day.

Overcooked 2


They say that food is the language of love, well nothing could be further from the truth with the Overcooked series. This co-operative cooking simulation from developer Ghost Town Games revolves around making dishes with pinpoint accuracy and perfect timing. What better way to test how strong of a connection you have with that special someone than heading into hells kitchen and going all Gordon Ramsey. Fun, frustrating and potential relationship ender.

Portal 2


Portal 2 was an excellent game. It really comes into its own though when played co-op, it’s funny, smart and will hopefully have you working as a team in no time. This is the ideal first date scenario, work well together as a team of quirky robots and there’s a bright future ahead for you little lovebirds. Grab your portal guns and cake right now.



The whole premise behind Nintendo’s Switch is being able to play anywhere, how you like and multiplayer simply by splitting the Joy-Con. This made the adorable Snipperclips an obvious choice for our list. This charming indie title has you team up with someone to cut out shapes, complete patterns and solve simple puzzles in a bid to progress, so why not try it with a loved one. Well, what are you waiting for – Cut it out, together!



We’ve all dreamt about being the next big pop sensation and Sonys karaoke classic series SingStar takes us that one step closer, it might not be the force it once was but it’s fun nevertheless. So its time to grab the mic, or smartphone and buddy up with that someone special this Valentine’s Day. Who knows it could be the birth of pops next power couple, move over Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Fibbage (Jackbox Series)


Less co-op and more of a multiplayer party game but it was always going to make the list. They say all good relationships are based on trust and honesty, that is unless you are playing the excellent Fibbage. The aim of the game is to make up a lie so convincing that everyone else thinks it could be the truth. This is definitely a relationship tester and a good way of finding out just how good at lying your partner really is.

That’s it for another year! Hopefully, everything goes to plan and you are currently spending time with that special one or playing games alone… either way give us an update in the comments below, on Twitter or our Facebook page!

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