Straight Shooting! Recommended Wrestling Shoot Interviews

The shoot interview is a concept wrestling fans embraced with open arms when they came on the scene in the 90s on a worldwide level thanks to RF Video. Some are funny, insightful and shocking. Others can be bitter and controversial. Here we look at a selection of 10 interviews that we feel are worth checking out. 


RF Video Shoot Interview with Bret Hart Volume 1.


Bret pulls no punches here as he goes into immense detail about his career up until he departed for WCW after a certain night in Montreal in 1997. What’s good about this interview is that not only was it filmed at the famous Hart House in Calgary but also due to the fact that Rob Feinstein only asks maybe a dozen or so questions as Bret’s answers are very in depth and also shows is somewhat underrated funny side of his character. 

Things we learn: Bret speaks of the plan he had for what was to be a trilogy of matches with Shawn Michaels starting at WrestleMania 12 to then culminate at WrestleMania 13. Should that have happened, things would have been a hell of a lot different for the two of them and even possible Steve Austin. 


RF Video Face Off with Raven and The Honky Tonk Man


The first entry into the Face-Off series could go down as best one as two incredibly different stars sat down to discuss what was right and wrong with Pro Wrestling past and present. What’s great here is the clear respect both men have for each other despite the very different views they have on what they feel does and doesn’t work in the business. The final part of the interview features Raven asking Honky questions about Wrestlings urban legends. Gripping stuff here. 

Things we learn: For us it’s the simplicity of learning the details of some of the houses Honky drew in the 80s, despite the long-standing alleged ‘facts’ the dirt sheet writers of the time claimed. 


Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline of WWE 1997 with Jim Cornette


KC reinvented the Shoot concept and this here is a prime example. Ever outspoken and never one to mince his words, Cornette is amazing here as he brings along his written ledgers from his time on the booking committee from that year. Engaging and hilarious, Cornette here shows why he is one of the best interviews of all time. Look out for his priceless impressions of longtime WWE executive Kevin Dunn. Breaking down the major events of each month of 1997, this one comes highly recommend. 

Things we learn: The lengths Kevin Dunn went to against Cornette to allegedly discredit the legends of St.Louis Wrestling. Gripping stuff.


RF Video On The Road with The Honky Tonk Man


Another entry from our favourite IC Champion here. This is a tremendous feature as the guys from RF pick up Honky from the airport and then document the journey to a show on the beach at the New Jersey Boardwalk. Included are the matches he has during the day and all the build-up and preparation beforehand and afterwards. What’s great here is we see a moment where Honky reflects on years past and how he believes that he will be destined to take bookings for the rest of his life. Moving and uplifting throughout, it gives a great insight into the man’s life. 

Things we learn: We see a raw look into life on the small time Independent scene and how it has affected Honky on a personal level.


RF Video Shoot Interview with The New Age Outlaws Volume 1. 


Filmed in the mid-2000s, both men here are still very, very bitter about their departures from WWE and have no problems venting that throughout. Road Dogg is clearly under the influence of something here but despite that and the anger that’s pouring out of Billy Gunn, this is still a very insightful and frank interview between two soon to be hall of famers.

Things we learn: Not so much about facts here but we see just how bad the demons Road Dogg was battling at the time were affecting him. It’s unsettling to see but thankfully come Volume 2 he had made a full recovery. 


RF Video Shoot Interview with The Iron Sheik


So we are including this purely for the insanity and hilarity at Sheiky Baby provides in front of the camera. For laughs it’s worth seeing even if only once. 

Things we learn: We learn that, whether it’s a work or not, this man has well and truly lost the plot!


RF Video Shoot Interview with AJ Styles


Filmed after his long career with TNA ended, AJ goes into tremendous detail about his brief spell towards the end of WCW, the origins of TNA and how the arrival of Hulk Hogan and Co brought initial momentum to the company and ultimately detailed any future evolvement. Throughout the interview AJ is extremely honest and thoroughly engaging. As close to a true insight into the history of TNA as you’ll ever hear. 

Things we learn: It’s clear to learn that no matter what the company did with him, TNA ultimately never truly made AJ into the superstar that he became within a few months of joining WWE in 2016.


Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot with Jim Cornette Volume 1.


Asking fans to contribute and ask every question, the YouShoot concept became an instant success and once again here we highlight the incredible mind of Jim Cornette. Much like Bret Hart, Cornette answers each question with long and very insightful answers, thus maybe laying claim to the crown of King of the Shoots. Tacking questions about days in Memphis, WCW, SMW and oh yes Vince Russo, this is compelling and a true Shoot Interview gem. 

Things we learn: Cornette speaks of how truly unorganised things in WCW were at the turn of the 90s and doesn’t dodge any question. 


The Shoot Interview series has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and shows no signs of slowing down. We will be back with more selections in the future. Have a favourite? Let us know!


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