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Omega Strike – Nintendo Switch Review

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Omega Strike

Omega Strike
Release 24/12/2018
Switch version tested
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From the folks that brought us Random Heroes on mobile, introducing Omega Strike on Nintendo Switch. This is a higher resolution game in the same vein with added fun. Switch between three characters at any given moment to utilise their strengths. Save the world from Dr. Omega and mutant army in this run and gun title. The eShop icon looks great and should attract many to find out what this game is all about, let’s dig in shall we?

Weapons can be continuously shot left, up, or right but not in the downward direction. That would come in handy if it were an option though. That’s not to say you can just mow through enemies from a distance. The length your bullet can be shot is not that far so you must be close to your enemy. The mission begins with a tutorial laid out by signs that give information on each character, and how to exploit their strengths.

  • Sarge – rifle
  • Dex – double jump, shotgun
  • Bear – push heavy objects, bouncing bullet gun

Once you’re past the tutorial and the real game begins, two characters are taken away and you’re forced to play as Sarge. I think that’s a good way to become a better player with each character. It keeps the game interesting and won’t allow you to rely on your chosen main, although I kept a decent balance of each when I had the chance.

Slugs, bats, zombies, “normal” mutants, grenadiers, snakes and more. Many enemies to blast away, shooting their heads into the air only to be shot again to splatter blood even more. That was funny when I noticed it could be done. Enemies come in all sizes from just bigger than the explosive mines found on the ground, to double your character’s size. The snake is a big and odd shape, that’s my favourite looking enemy. Normal baddies have the same attack pattern and they’re easy to follow, change the surrounding and add multiple enemies and it ups the difficulty a bit. Medkits come in handy when you’re running through and past bad guys getting pelted by bullets. Bosses have patterns to follow in order to defeat them in the most efficient way, take a loss the first time you fight them and you’re sure to come back with a plan and vengeance.

Eat chicken to regain health, collect gold coins to buy items and upgrades. Guns can be upgraded for higher damage and bullet distance can be upgraded as well. Find life cubes and give four of them to the priest to upgrade your health points. An item can be purchased to automatically bring you back to base which is nice.

The pixel art is great and it really shows in the larger objects such as the helicopter. This is not comparable to the mobile games at all, travel above ground and enjoy the background layers that show this game wasn’t just slapped together with copy and paste from previous work. I really admire the work put into making every scene come to life with odd characters to interact with and objects to see and enjoy.

The map screen shows the items to be found and I love that. If you’re on the hunt for life cubes you know how many you’ve found thus far, no pointless wandering required. There are also treasure chests to find which contain golden skulls that are worth 30 gold. Collecting gold from defeated enemies is fun and spending the loot on upgrades is satisfying. Coins can be seen in the inventory screen, not on the main play screen. I would have liked to see the coins collected on the main screen because it shows the work you’ve done, but oh well.


Final Words:

This is a great pick up and play game that doesn’t require the player to memorize anything or get too involved. Perfect for a ten to twenty-minute session to kill mutants and platform here and there. It’s really fun and the graphics are very enjoyable. I won’t say it’s a mindless play, but very casual in the best way. It’s labelled a Metroid game but honestly the back and forth isn’t too much in Omega Strike and that’s very appealing to me.



TBG Score: 6/10

Platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 24/12/2018
No. of Players: 1
Category: Action, Adventure
Developer: Wobblyware
Publisher: Digerati
Twitter: @DigeratiDM
Download link: eShopnintendospacer

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