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One year after the astonishing success of The Sixth Sense back in 1999, M. Night Shyamalan released, what we consider, to be his finest film – Unbreakable.  Available now on Google Play Movies for £3.99 Unbreakable is the first part of what we now know to be a trilogy of films, bringing 3 or 27 – depending on your point of view, characters with extraordinary abilities together.

Part superhero film, part thriller, part drama. This well-acted brilliantly written film conveys depression, loneliness and a romantic awkwardness in a unique way. This was a time when Bruce Willis made an effort to act in his movies and M Night Shyamalan could write a decent script. Samuel L. Jackson is, as generally expected, fantastic and Robin Wright Penn in our opinion delivers the stand out performance. Go pick this movie up, and whilst you’re there grab yourself Split, at £5.99 you’re just one step away from owning the trilogy.


Official Synopsis:

Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson star in a mind-shattering, suspense-filled thriller that stays with you long after the end of this riveting supernatural film. After David Dunn (Willis) emerges from a horrific train crash as the sole survivor — and without a single scratch on him — he meets a mysterious stranger (Jackson). An unsettling stranger who believes comic book heroes walk the earth. A haunting stranger, whose obsession with David will change David’s life forever.

Release: 29 December 2000 (UK)
Genre: Superhero, Thriller
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Starring: Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson


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