5 Movies You Didn’t Know Had Been Turned Into Video Games

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Nowadays it is extremely commonplace to see video games hit the shelves that are based on the latest summer blockbuster. This isn’t a new thing either. For years we’ve seen everything from The Lion King to The Lawnmower Man turned into a platformer for your favourite console, but what about the titles that slipped under the radar?

There have been tons of movies turned into video games that you most likely never knew about, and only a handful of us ever played. Here’s our pick of 5 such titles.




Arachnophobia the movie lends itself perfectly to the arcade shooters of the 1990s, with players assuming the role of Delbert McClintock exterminator extraordinaire.

Del moves from house to house battling the plague of spiders that have taken over small-town America, gassing them with what looks like a canister of fart gas – which as we all know, is the only true way to stop the arachnid menace!

The game hasn’t aged well, but it’s still one of the better movie adaptations of the time. If this was released today though, it would be an ultra-realistic nightmare of webs and legs that would drive gamers to the very brink of sanity. Instead, it went about its business, completely unnoticed – just like the 6000 spiders spying on you right now as you read this.



From Dusk Til Dawn 2001

From Dusk Til Dawn was one of the coolest thrillers of its time, mixing the typical Quentin Tarantino gangster nonsense with balls-to-the-wall vampire horror-action that absolutely no one was expecting. Sadly, none of the sequels or the TV series could live up to its brilliance – and neither could it’s long-forgotten video game.

Set on a prison boat shortly after the events of the movie, From Dusk Til Dawn the game was a third-person-shooter in which Seth Gecko (George Clooney in the movie) must escape a floating prison inhabited by vampires.

Amazingly, this Cryo Interactive release landed on Windows in 2001 but looks like an early 90’s survival horror prototype, and was panned by critics – probably because Salma Hayek doesn’t dance around in her pants at any point. It would have made more sense to make a spin-off game based on the adventures of Tom Savini’s Sex Machine character, because shit, who doesn’t love his penis cannon?



Halloween Video Game 1983

How often have we sat and mocked the horrible horror movie games of the 1980s? One game that is so often overlooked though is the 1983 Halloween video game, which appeared briefly on the Atari 2600, before vanishing quicker than The Shape on November 1st.

Developed by Wizard VideoHalloween set an unnamed psychopath (presumably Michael Myers but looking like E.T. in a morphsuit with an erection) against a babysitter and her endless army of pre-pubescent minions. The game was deemed too violent upon its release and as such, no stores would stock it. This made it incredibly rare and collectable among gamers of the era but practically forgotten in the grand scheme of things.



Big Trouble in Little China

Jack Burton was one of the coolest action heroes of the 1980s. Hell, he was one of the coolest action heroes ever! If Big Trouble in Little China was released in 2019, it would take 5 seconds for Hollywood to cash-in with a top-notch video game franchise. Back in 1986 though, we had to rely on the little known Electric Dreams Software (ZaxxonAliens) to bring the thrill of the movie to our home computers – and we’d bet most fans of the movie never even knew it existed.




Labyrinth is without a doubt, one of the coolest movies ever made. Realising they were on to a winner, LucasFilms joined forces with Activision to translate David Bowie and his gigantic, mesmerising balls into one of the most successful – yet forgotten – adaptations of all time.

Without Labyrinth, there would be no Manic Mansion, and without Manic Mansion there would be no SCUMM engine, which became the foundation of LucasArts’ video game output for years to come.


Which forgotten video game based on a movie do you remember, but no one else does? Have you played any of our choices? Let us know in the comments section, or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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