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Nintendo 2DS/3DS – Essential Buyers Guide

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The 3DS may have been out for over 7 years but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider buying one! It has a fantastic library of games that are all worth playing! Since it’s been out for a while, that means tons of accessories and games have been out! You’ll probably find yourself overwhelmed with the task at hand. No worries, us at Two Beard Gaming will help you out by delivering, the ultimate 3DS guide!



With the 3DS family of systems, there’s one for everyone. While we recommend the 2DS XL as it’s not only as powerful as the New 3DS XL but much cheaper! It doesn’t include the 3D feature but that’s fine as it wasn’t really popular anyways! We absolutely recommend the Pokeball edition because it looks great! There’s also the lime green one with Mario Kart 7 that is good as well! If you do want that sweet 3DS feature, we recommend you get a normal New Nintendo 3DS XL as all of the special editions are harder to find now! If you want something cheaper and don’t mind less power then there are fantastic 2DS bundles. These are great for little kids as it’s cheaper and tougher to break! Plus you still get access to the amazing library of 3DS games! Be sure to get it in a bundle, as there are many games you can get alongside one so choose which one best suits you or your kids! We recommend the New Super Mario Bros 2 edition as it looks great and has a great game with it! I recommend buying bundles as they’re the same price (or not much more) than the console alone and they come with a cool design and a game.


Top 5 picks

1. 2DS XL Pokeball Edition
2. New Nintendo 3DS XL
3. 2DS Black & Blue + Super Mario Bros. 2
4. Nintendo 3DS Original
5. New 2DS XL Lime Green + Mario Kart 7



First off, the 3DS is meant to be portable so that means a carrying case is absolutely necessary. There are a bunch out there but we recommend the one by Bendo. Not only will it protect your New 2DS or 3DS (for 2DS users there’s one by Austor that’s great) but it has all the bells and whistles you could ask for. It has a bigger stylus for those with bigger hands, it has a lot of space for storing your games and a space for your charger. Depending on your needs, you can buy additional external game card holders! Trust us, you’ll fill those game slots very quickly! For the charger, I highly recommend you go with a USB one. Going with a USB charger is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my 3DS. There are a few reasons why, not only do they work with external batteries but they’re perfect for travelling. The 3DS doesn’t come with an official charger, so as an alternative to buying the one Nintendo sells (which is quite expensive) buy a USB one. Since most of our devices use USB, going USB for the 3DS is what makes sense! Also the longer the cord the better, you’ll thank me later! Non-official chargers are fine and the one we recommend is a good balance between price and quality! Finally, you’ll probably want some Amiibo but the regular 3DS or 2DS need an external NFC reader. Well don’t buy one alone, buy the Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer bundle that includes one. Not only does it include the NFC reader but it also includes the game… all for the same price as the NFC reader alone. Even if you’re not interested in the game we recommend buying the bundle because it doesn’t cost more and you can gift the game or sell it!


Top 5 picks

1. BENDO New 3DS XL / 3DS Carrying Case
2. USB Charging Cable
3. Hori New 2DS XL Screen Protector
4. 3DS Game Card holder
5. NFC Reader



The 3DS has had an amazing library of games (more are coming too), we each have our different favourites but I decided to recommend the essentials each from different genres! There’s obviously more but these are just some 5 of the essentials.


Top 5 picks

1. Super Mario 3D Land
2. Mario Kart 7
3. Fire Emblem: Awakening
A Link Between Worlds / Ocarina / Majora’s
Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Alright starting off with Super Mario 3D Land! Not only is it a fantastic platformer but it utilises the various features of 3DS super well! There are over 16 worlds of levels to play through and it’s the best platformer on the system! It’s the Mario game to have on 3DS and you can’t miss out on it! Next up is Mario Kart 7, it’s the best racer on the system and it’s for everyone! Anyone can find enjoyment in Mario Kart 7! With courses new and old alike, there’s no shortage of fun to be had! I can’t help but recommend it! Fire Emblem: Awakening is the game that saved the franchise, and for a good reason! While it’s not necessarily for young kids, adults and teenagers will surely love it! The story, the characters and gameplay are all amazing! There’s a fantastic demo on the eShop, so try it out if you’re not sure! You won’t regret it! It was a hard tossup between Ocarina of Time 3D / Majora’s Mask 3D and A Link Between Worlds so we cheated and added all three of them. A Link Between Worlds is a fantastic game that offers the perfect introduction to the series! The gameplay is solid and it’s a very fun game- it seems critics agree as it’s often cited as the best 3DS game. Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D are remasters of timeless games. Ocarina of Time 3D is the quintessential Zelda game as it ushered the Zelda franchise into the 3D era back in the late 90s. It still holds up and it’s a fantastic game. A pure masterpiece of a game and if you liked it, Majora’s Mask 3D is a great remake of a unique Zelda game that’s worth checking out! Finally, Animal Crossing New Leaf is the latest entry in the Animal Crossing series (before it’s out this year on Switch, holy smokes I am so hyped for it- right Ali?) and it’s an amazing game. I mean it. It’s a very relaxing game that’ll keep you busy for hundreds of hours! There’s so much to do, including expanding decorating your house, fishing and catching bugs on Tortimer Island, participating in the various seasonal activities… there’s so much we can’t list it all! Definitely pick it up, you won’t regret it!


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