What’s in store for the next Nintendo Direct?

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If history repeats itself, we should be getting a Nintendo Direct around the middle of January. This year we got one on January 11. Which announced Mario Tennis, DLC for Mario Odyssey, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, and closed with Dark Souls: Remastered. On January 18 of 2017, we received a Fire Emblem Direct. I don’t hold the power of the Monado. But I can see the next Direct being just around the corner. That being said, let’s speculate on the possibilities and hopefuls for the next Direct.


Animal Crossing


They made it official in the September Direct that it’s coming in 2019. But now is the time to reveal a launch window or date. And of course, a sneak peek on gameplay wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Here’s hoping they bring back the NES games you can get within the game. Nobody is going to complain if they also add other console games as well.


Metroid Prime 4


This might be the most agonising tease I’ve experienced in gaming. Since the name reveal at the E3 Nintendo Direct in June, we haven’t got anything. Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé has confirmed the game is well into development. But that’s it. This would also be a good time to announce the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Switch that has been heavily rumoured while we wait for the bounty hunter to arrive in over a 10-year hiatus.


A new Mario side-scroller


A port of the Wii U’s excellent Mario side-scroller, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, is coming to the Switch on January 11th. This also comes with New Super Luigi U DLC. And while that’s great news for people who unfortunately didn’t get to experience it the first go around, it’s been over 6 years since Mario’s last side-scrolling outing. Not only that, but the last four side-scrollers have had the ‘New’ theme. Before that, none shared the same artistic style. I would absolutely love it if they took the idea from Odyssey and implemented parts that had the 3D rotating cube sections.


Piranha Plant and Joker release dates for Smash Bros.


The first of the DLC characters for Smash Bros will probably get a release date. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced that it would be available immediately after the Direct ends. I can also see a release date for Joker as well. And fingers crossed, Persona 5 getting a release date for the Switch.


Daemon X Machina


I don’t really know much about this game. But I love the artistic design that’s going on here. What has got me excited though for this game is that it was the first game showed off during the E3 Nintendo Direct. This is E3 were talking about here. Probably the biggest day in gaming during the year. They wouldn’t just show off a random game to start off the Direct, right? Anyways, I’d like to see further detail on this game and why it had the honours of starting off that Direct.


Yoshi’s Crafted World


This was revealed back at E3 in 2017 and at this years E3 during the Nintendo Treehouse. Both years showing smooth gameplay footage. I don’t think there is much more to do other than announce the release date for this.


The new core Pokémon game


I can see this being the closer for the Direct. Generation 8 of the Pokémon series has been confirmed for 2019. And it’s time Nintendo starts the hype train. Especially with the success of Pokémon Go, or Pokémon in general really. I don’t see why they wouldn’t start showing off new ideas for the game. And with it being the first core game that’s not dedicated to a handheld, this will probably be a massive game. Let’s catch EVERY Pokémon!


Messaging Service


I’m not understanding why there isn’t some type of communication system on the Switch. Even it’s predecessor, the Wii U, had one. Especially when you’re wanting to add someone to your friend list that you just played with online that might not remember who you are. This is missing out on great opportunities to set up times to play with people who you don’t know outside the gaming world. Let’s make it happen, Nintendo!


Expanded Virtual Console


Nintendo Online is now up and running with some hit or miss games that are only NES titles. How awesome would it be if they announced a start date for SNES games and furthered that by announcing release dates for other consoles as well. This would also give Nintendo another opportunity of taking more of my money with Nintendo Online SNES, N64, and GameCube controllers. My poor wallet.

Once again, all of this is speculation. It’s just the inner child in me telling Nintendo what it wants. While some of the information has been confirmed already for 2019, I’m excited to see what Nintendo has in store for us for next year and beyond.

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  1. There have been news already announcing the coming of some these most anticipated Direct releases. Piranha Plant is said to come this February 15. I’m kinda hyped with the new core Pokémon game and Daemon X Machina. It might be late for me but really, thanks for sharing!

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