Three Indie Games That Draw Me Back In

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Since starting to write reviews in August of this year, I have been fortunate enough to experience a whole host of titles which I otherwise would have never had the opportunity to play. For all the immense positives that this provides, with a busy work and social life, some weeks have seen me play games for review rather than games for pleasure. Although the lines often blur between these two, I do try to set aside time to play purely for fun.

Inspired by @LordShmup’s recent post about re-reviewing games, it got me thinking: which recent titles do I find myself coming back to, long after the dust has settled on my review? With this in mind, and the inevitable game purchases people will make over the winter break, I offer three titles which still demand my attention, and more importantly, should be demanding yours!


Party Hard

An action-stealth title with similarities to the Hitman and Hotline Miami series’, Party Hard is a fantastic title which sees you put an end to house parties across the US using any means necessary. From poisoning punch to sabotaging speakers, the opportunities are endless and make for a fun, thought-provoking and engaging title. With its excellent soundtrack, beautiful pixel-art graphics and addictive gameplay mechanics, I regularly find myself dipping back in for a piece of strategy and stealth on a cold, winters night.

Here is my review for a more in-depth discussion: Party Hard


Horizon Chase Turbo

It is fair to say that Horizon Chase Turbo caught me off-guard when it released earlier this year. I’m not a fan of retro arcade racers, and would never ordinarily chose to play one. A review code came along, and the lure of racing what looked like an ‘Audi R8’ across beautiful landscapes from across the world was too much to ignore. Fast forward three months and I am still playing! It’s an outstanding achievement for AQUIRIS, and they have since developed quite the cult following. It’s fast-paced, modern-retro feels make it a superb game to pick up and play for 10 minutes or for a much longer gaming session. With three game modes and endless possibilities, it is difficult to find better value for money on the Nintendo eStore.

Read on for more of my thoughts: Horizon Chase Turbo



Advertised on the Nintendo eStore as a ‘high octane, hardcore combat racer, packing ferocious speed and armed to the teeth with heavy weapons,’ it duly delivers! From the moment I pick up GRIP to the moment I put it down, it offers a fast and furious racing experience that rivals any racing game either recent or old. The ability to rotate around the track 360 degrees sets it apart from other racing titles currently on the Switch, and makes for some rather thrilling encounters. With additional DLC promised for 2019, I cannot wait to see where Caged Element take it next!


If you already own any of these titles, it would be great to hear your thoughts. Equally, if you purchase one based on what you’ve read, I would love to find out if you agree with my sentiments in the comments section, on our Twitter or FB pages!

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