1. Surely the greatest GTA (Vice City) should be on there. There is also room for a fighter

      1. Awesome post!

        Yeah, I also wish for the said games to make it to The PlayStation 2 Classic. I kinda want GTA Vice City also. The game was so memorable and epic. It’s what made the early 2000’s experience an 80’s culture. Anyway, your number one tricked me. I thought it was a video game that really needs to appear in PS2 Classic. But I agree though, an improved PS2 Controller would be nice.

    1. I think the yearly updates for Fifa would show up a retro inclusion look terrible and I think Sony would go with something like Killzone over Call of Duty

  2. The PS2 Controller is one of the best controllers ever made.

    Sony nailed it right out of the gate and it’s why they barely changed it for many years.

    I find the people that bash the PlayStation 1-3 controllers tend to be fanboys of other consoles.

    Don’t tell me you like the trash GameCube or original Xbox controllers from that era better?

    The GameCube Controller sucked, lacked buttons, horrible tiny d pad, c-stick was dumb.

    The original Xbox Controller was massive, had to break your left thumb to use it, d pad also sucked, and dumb black/white buttons.

    You are nuts for bashing the DualShock 2.

  3. I just think the dualshock 3 is a superior controller and the dualshock 4 is one of the best controllers I’ve used. I think they tried too much with the 2. Nothing to do with other consoles, just the benefit of hindsight in my opinion.

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