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Games, Wishes and Wants for 2019

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We’ve nearly made it through another year and it has to be said that 2018 has been a pretty good year for gaming overall. There have been a few highlights, not least of which the new God of War, Spyro Reignited, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Pokemon Lets Go! to name just a few. Now though it’s time to look forward at what’s coming next year so we thought we’d go over a few things to look forward to in 2019.


Resident Evil 2 Remake


When Resident Evil 2 was released originally it was the deciding factor for Lopez from the team to get a PlayStation. Sadly it’s not aged amazingly, but this remake will hopefully address that, so far it looks stunning and looks to have the potential to be shit your pants scary. I’m looking forward to re-living Leon Kennedy’s first day on the job in Raccoon City though that is for certain.


Shenmue 3


A game we genuinely thought would never happen, so the fact that it is finally a reality is something of a dream come true. We are hoping that it controls a bit better than the originals do these days and that we’ve not built it up too much in our heads to only be bitterly disappointed. Whatever happens, though it’s going to be pretty awesome to finally be able to continue a story that’s essentially been on a cliffhanger for bloody years.


Crackdown 3


We’re really interested to see how this turns out. It’s been delayed a few times now and the suspicion is usually that this means there are problems with the game. There’s the potential for it to be a bit of a mess. It also feels like this and the new Gears of War are the big Xbox One exclusives for 2019 so we’d imagine there’s going to be a bloody big focus on it.


Kingdom Hearts 3


There’s a lot to look forward to about a game series that combines a whole ton of Disney properties with a number of Final Fantasy characters. This being the third game means you have to suspect there’s going to be a certain amount of closure in terms of the overall plot line but if previous games are any indication then it should be a fun ride.


New Switch Games


2019 is a big year for the Switch, there’s a new main Pokemon game schedule as well as new Yoshi and Animal Crossing titles. There’s also going to be a few ports of Wii U games we never got to play which is going to be a nice bonus but as it stands there’s a lot coming out on the Switch that we want to play. It might be the year we finally venture away from handheld mode and dock the machine a bit more and play it on the TV as a result.


E3 2019


Not sure how the conferences will shake down this year, especially with Sony sitting it out, but the last few years have meant watching them with mates and having a few drinks while getting excited about the new announcements and chatting over stuff. There’s the added intrigue of speculation starting to generate about new consoles being announced so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s anything mentioned by Sony or Microsoft at some point, even if it’s not at E3.


Development Updates


TBG are hoping for updates on games that have been announced previously like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Halo Infinite and Elder Scrolls 6, not expecting much mind you but it’d be nice to get some sort of indication of how they’re coming along. Maybe a cheeky trailer or look at the gameplay if at all possible, release dates would also be nice but we’ll take what we can get.




Every year there’s at least one announcement that wasn’t expected that immediately strikes a chord. There’s a few we are hoping for from 2019 though obviously there’s no real expectation there. The one TBG is hoping for most is the announcement of a new Mass Effect or Dragon Age, in theory Anthem is out next year so we guess a team will be supporting that but we guess the question becomes what next. That’s just one thing but there’s loads of stuff that could come as a total surprise, that’s the beauty of it all.


That’s a summary of things we as a team are looking forward to and hoping for from 2019. We’re sure there are lots not mentioned that other people are very excited about so feel free to leave a comment with what you’re wanting from next year gaming wise.


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