10 Video Games That Draw Us Back In

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A conversation was had at TBG Towers this week about games that we keep coming back to in spite of all the new releases coming out. theflamey was saying about wanting to replay a game he’d previously reviewed as he wanted to potentially re-review it now that he’d improved his writing skills. This got me thinking about games that I tend to revisit and the reasoning, it could be to help my mood at any particular time to simply wanting to experience the story again. With this in mind here are 10 Video Games That Draw Us Back In.




Sometimes after a hard day, you just want to beat the crap out of a load of goons. Streets of Rage 2 allows you to do that with wave after wave of bad guys, and it’s strangely cathartic. I do feel like Streets of Rage 4 may replace this to some extent through the ending music will always keep me coming back at some point.




My favourite Halo game, I think the story and the way it plays out is something I really enjoy experiencing. It also helps that three members of the core cast were on Firefly so there’s the reunion element there which is pretty cool. Just thinking about it has me wanting to play it again.




I’ve completed the game and I’ve also completed the Alolan Pokedex so there’s really no need to keep coming back to this now so why do I? Because I now want to try and catch some shiny Pokemon and use the ultra wormhole to catch some more legendary Pokemon which I’ll hopefully transfer to the Switch version.




I’ve owned this on three different consoles at this point and I’ve still not seen everything there is to see, it’s so bloody vast. I drop back in from time to time to explore areas I’ve not been to before, see what treasures I can find and monsters I can kill. There’s also a load of quests which I haven’t even got near yet.




This is pretty much my ultimate game for when I just want to chill out. It looks stunning, I love the music and it’s a game where I can just sit a play without having to really think about it. The last level, in particular, is one of my favourite sequences in any game I’ve played to date.


I’ve not included the Mass Effect Trilogy and Dragon Age Origins purely because I’ve not gone through them in their entirety since moving console generations, had we still be on the Xbox 360 then these would have figured heavily. In fact, once I get done with Red Dead Redemption 2 then it might be time to revisit these.


Over to the other guy…

Playing games is a release, a way to escape into a different world and live out a fantasy. I guess that is why we tend to return to the same core of games throughout the years in an attempt to recapture that experience and feeling once more. Some of what would have been my choices are already listed above (Journey and Pokemon) so in their place are a couple of others that are equally worthy. One is a new entry that I plan to replay in the new year just to mix it up a little – theflamey.




Golf Story is what you get if you mix a run of the mill retro style golf sim with RPG elements, it just works. I bought this on a whim after liking the graphical style and it did not disappoint, a refreshing take on the genre aided by being an exclusive early in the Switches lifespan. I cannot wait to play this again.




Street Fighter, for me, brings back childhood memories of sitting in a bedroom with a couple of friends practising all the moves, combos and then bullishly knocking up the difficulty level on arcade mode only to be thrashed. I must admit though I got pretty good with Ken, to the point where one friend smashed his controller against a wall shattering it. Its a great party game and benefits from being accessible to all.




It was the first full-blown RPG that I played on my PlayStation and really got into, I’ve lost track of the number of times I have started this and total hours put in. At school everyone was buzzing about it, I would even go round my friend’s house at lunchtime to play and compare progress. The story was cinematic and deep, it was unlike anything I had played before.




Super Mario Bros. 3 was one of the first console games that I really played and completed fully. I still own the original cartridge to this day even though I have since bought it on a number of different formats. Its cartoon-like graphics and perfect platform action got me hooked on video games.




This probably will get the boot since playing the epic Breath of the Wild but my love for Link started way back with this Game Boy entry from 1993. The story was great and the ability to play away from the main area in my house was something new. I have played this a number of times and recently started it again as a digital download on the 3DS, I was holding out for a Switch version which thankfully happened.


So there it is, do you agree with the above. Why not tell us all about the games that keep you coming back for more in the comments section.

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  1. Yeah! I love re-playing many of the classics from yesteryear. I played Link’s Awakening over the summer on the Airplane. For me it’s the nostalgia and the memories. Good Stuff! 🙂

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