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The One We Found – Xbox One Review

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The One We Found
Release 31/10/2018
Xbox version tested
Review code providedxboxspacer

OK, where to start with what I can only loosely call a game. The One We Found in trailer form seemed like a good idea, it looked as if it was going to follow in the footsteps of the excellent Outlast. That turned out to be a fantastic game, it was visceral and added a great spin on the survival horror genre by not allow you to attack. The only way you could defend yourself was by running away from the enemy horde. We know now that Outlast falls to bits pretty much in the final third but for the most the game is superb. Sadly this is not the case for the game in hand and I’ll tell you why.

The One We Found starts out with our protagonist, James Ledgewick, heading to an abandoned insane asylum for some reason that apparently you find out through the course of the game. Unfortunately, I never got to this point as the game is so bad that after struggling through chapters two and three I just didn’t want to continue. In part due to the shoddy gameplay and the awful movement speed that hampered any enjoyment. At points, the game just randomly slowed down the character’s movement and it felt like you were trying to move through tar.


The game was made with the unity engine and you can really tell as it looks like the developers have borrowed a lot of assets from every other game based in unity. The One We Found becomes even worse when you are finally given a weapon as it seems that they have spent next to no time on the gunplay element. It just doesn’t work, shoot the enemies two to three times depending on where you hit them and they are dead but sometimes not – it’s complete luck. When you get inside the asylum the game guides you towards the only clear way to progress, a shower room where there is a floating red spirit of a child roaming around for some unknown reason. It also turns out that is route is a complete dead end despite for the devs putting in all the elements to make you believe that you have to go there to recover something. Instead, to get through this section you have to locate four numbers dotted around that give you a key code to a random door to get any further – it literally makes no sense.

When you finally go through the door for some strange reason there is an achievement tied to destroying a watermelon in the room. In the build that I was playing it wouldn’t pick up and pop, I even tried standing on it. If only the game had it been developed in a third person point of view as then I would have been able to take a screenshot of my character walking around on it. I mean, was the watermelon supposed to break when you drop it? The One We Found is one of the worst games that I have ever played and I usually like trashy kitsch games like Deadly Premonition for example. In fact, I love that game so much because of all its faults but I simply cannot bring myself to continue playing this stunning piece of shit. Surprisingly it didn’t get any better in chapter 2, it was ridiculous as you literally have to walk down a hall and then the chapter is over. Moving into the third, some of the patients have escaped into the mines below the asylum and are now just roaming free.



Final Words:

If anyone is thinking of getting this game please don’t. I usually like to be positive about the games that I play as it’s my hobby but really I can’t say anything positive about The One We Found. My suggestion is do something better with your time like watch paint dry it’s more entertaining, has a better finish and has a greater chance of a jump scare.



TBG Score: 0/10

xboxspacerGenre: Action, Survival, Horror
Players: 1
Publisher: Loveridge Designs
Release: 31/10/2018
Format: Steam, Xbox One
Twitter: @LoveridgeDS
Download link: Microsoft Storexboxspacer

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  1. Trash review totally disagree really enjoyed the game.
    Very unfair review, give this indie developer a chance first game on Xbox not for going for a 19-year-old.
    He shows great potential as a developer with great Talent.
    Come on give this guy a break!!!!

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