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The Age of “No More Surprises” in Video Games

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In this day of technology and social media we wake up to information leaks all the time. In most cases it’s not on behalf of, or the will of the company being leaked. Do you enjoy these sneak previews not meant for the public eye? I for one, have an enormous distaste for it entirely. In addition to unapproved leaks, I think companies should take a backseat to releasing a ton of information about their products. Where are the surprises anymore? I’ve decided to take a look into two of this year’s major releases.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Dec 2018)


The first video game that comes to mind is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo has released 90 minutes of video content since E3, that’s a TON of information to soak in until the game is released. With all the music, characters, modes of play, mechanics and character blood types revealed, is there any room for discovery? Besides becoming familiar with each characters fighting style I’m not so sure. I didn’t bother watching the latest Direct, what’s all this nonsense involving the Grinch about?

In my eyes, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would have been much better off not revealing every character. EVERYONE is going to be playing this game, the name itself is the selling point. I wouldn’t be surprised if Smash breaks any selling records considering it has every noun known to the series. I myself have the game and controller package pre-ordered and the price tag was very generous since I am still a Gamer’s Club Unlocked member at Best Buy. At this point I’m more excited to finally have a Pro controller than to bargain with my wife to have the Switch back to give Ultimate a go. She will likely put more time into the game than I.


Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Eevee! (Nov 2018)


The second game I want to talk about is Pokemon Let’s Go, which has supposedly been data-mined and information leaked. I’m avoiding this at all costs. This game is said to be a trip down memory lane for those that grew up playing Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow with a new take. I’m very excited for it and pre-ordered the Eevee edition. Although I’ve beaten it years ago I’m ready to see all the new mechanics and appearances it has to offer. Why bother looking for clicks to ruin a game? Is this what video games have been reduced to? A sad state if so, sites and people just looking for a dime to disintegrate the work of a video game that will bring happiness to many.

Taking the fun out of discovery in video games is equivalent to unwrapped Christmas presents, why even bother having the holiday? If you’ve succumbed to the temptation of reading all the details on an unreleased video game, here is a challenge. The next time you see a title that is about to be unravelled for the world to see, turn away. Especially if you’re going to be purchasing this game. Give yourself a chance to be surprised and enjoy a game to the fullest, because that’s the way they’re meant to be played.

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