Pokemon Red is the only Pokemon Game Worth Playing

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I’m a massive fan of Pokemon and I have been for many years. Ever since the release of Pokemon Red/Blue (EU) on the GameBoy and the anime cartoon, I have had a deep love of Pokemon. That being said, the only Pokemon that I really have any interest in is the original 150 of Kanto. I’ll confess the only Pokemon games I have played, and I mean really played are the Red / Blue / Yellow incarnations and their subsequent colour remakes on the GameBoy Advance, Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green. I also played Pokemon Go for a fair while until it got swamped with too many uninteresting Pokemon. Oh, and I also had an unhealthy addiction to Magikarp Jump at the time!


The anime, I loved. I have watched the original series more time than I would like to confess. The passion, and sometimes stupidity of Ash, along with his undying loyalty towards his Pokemon was something I think we all endear to. The friendships he made along the way, notably Brock and Misty, added humour and warmth along his journey across Kanto. I adored my Game Boy and my favourite game apart from Pokemon was probably everyone else’s, Links Awakening. The similar RPG styles are some something I enjoyed, although Pokemon was the first turn-based RPG I had played. I managed to complete my Pokédex thanks to my friend who had the Blue version, it’s impossible to do so without access to both versions. As said before I then played Yellow and the GBA versions.


I still love Pokemon today, I have toys and t-shirts like most people I’m sure, however for me it’s all about Kanto. The other regions and games just didn’t interest me. You may find that strange, considering how much I said I enjoyed the original, essentially the subsequent games are the same. Gold and Silver use the same basic engine, graphics etc but with 100 new Pokemon. This model has been used many times down the line of Pokemon games. The Kanto Pokemon were the most inventive, cute and warming of all of them. I feel the later designs got too quirky, didn’t make sense or were just running out of ideas. I tried to play my sons Pokemon Moon on the 3DS but just couldn’t get into it, too many unfamiliar and uninventive Pokemon.


Kanto is where it’s at, and Kanto is where I’ll stay. This is why I’m super hyped for Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee today. The game looks superb, with all the Pokemon I love and adore. I can’t wait to pick it up today and relive my youth!

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