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CricktoGame – Nintendo Switch Review

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Release 07/11/2019
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Polygon-e Studio recently released mobile puzzle title CricktoGame on the Nintendo Switch adding to the ever-growing selection of games available on the eShop. On the surface, it is a simple puzzle game in which you must move different coloured coins around the board matching them to a corresponding background colour. Coins can only move along the specifically set out paths so planning each move in advance, much like a game of chess, is essential. Once all of the pieces are positioned correctly you advance to the next challenge. It is reminiscent of a Bejewelled type game crossed with connect four.

As you would expect coming from the mobile platform CricktoGame is easy to pick up and play on the go, it especially works well in short bursts. The game is designed to be accessible for the whole spectrum of players and with no background story involved you can simply play a level at a time. It seems like a smart move porting the game onto the Switch as it can be played entirely using the touchscreen.


There are two modes of play, normal and deluxe, with a tutorial for beginners to guide you through the basic mechanics. In the normal setting, you are encouraged to hone the skills required to master CricktoGame over 54 different puzzles. This mode offers a more relaxing experience and you can play levels in the order you choose. The game tracks the time taken, the number of moves used and final score which adds to the replay factor when wanting to better a previous run. Deluxe mode plays out over 80+ levels but this time offers a greater challenge, introduces a few different gameplay mechanics and levels that are unlocked sequentially. There is a greater emphasis on time and the number of moves taken in this setting.

As with most puzzle games the further you progress the harder the challenge becomes and it’s at this point where the game becomes really fun and also frustrating at times. It helps to provide another level of depth that involves sharpening your skills, making you plan and strategise every move in advance to beat the game. Graphics are bright, colourful and clear. Sound effects are used well matched with a retro-sounding punchy soundtrack. The developers have added a cool little feature for the Nintendo Switch edition. The field of play is square with borders left and right to fill the whole screen and depending on which colour Joy-Con you have attached the background matches that (can you guess which Joy-Con set I was using). I don’t think the masses will rush out and start buying additional controllers because of this but it’s a fun inclusion none the less.



Final Words:

CricktoGame is a simple and fun puzzle game that offers enough challenge and content to keep you coming back for one more turn. Visuals are basic but do the job perfectly fine, the core gameplay mechanic is sound which is the most important factor. For the price, you can’t really go wrong. It offers little new or groundbreaking but its ideally suited to gaming on the Switch.



TBG Score: 6/10

Genre: Puzzle, Strategy
Players: 1
Publisher: Polygon-e
Release: 07/11/2018
Format: Mobile, Nintendo Switch
Twitter: @CricktoGame
Download link: eShop

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