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Spyro Reignited Trilogy – PlayStation 4 Review

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Spyro Trilogy
Release 13/11/2018
PS4 version tested
Review code providedpsspacer

I promised myself that this would be the year where I wouldn’t buy too many games and give myself a huge backlog to play. I’ve been avoiding Spyro Reignited for this very reason as it’s one I was hugely excited for but it was one that I wanted to make sure I played properly. Needless to say I caved even quicker than expected, I bought it and promptly spent the afternoon playing it. It takes about an hour to initially install from the disc along with the now traditional update that needs to download. The download in fact contains the second and third game opposed to them already being stored on the disc which seems a strange decision.


Upon firing the game up and getting started on the first game I got a serious dose of nostalgia, it’s really hard to believe it was a game I originally played about 20 years ago. The new visuals look properly nice, they’re really colourful and work really well. The camera has an element of ’90s 3D game about it initially but thankfully the second analogue stick is used to control the camera now which is incredibly helpful.

Sound wise Spyro’s lines have been re-recorded, I’d assume all voice acting has been re-done on that basis as it all sounds pretty crisp. The soundtrack has also been re-recorded with updated versions of all the original music which is all pretty cool from what I’ve heard so far, if you’re a purist though the original soundtrack is available if that’s your preference.

Gameplay wise it’s more or less exactly the same, which is a good thing as it was always an easy game to pick up and play. The levels were always a decent size without being overwhelmingly huge, the perfect size for exploring and the level design is still decent now. The game itself has definitely aged pretty well, the aesthetic refresh was definitely a good shout.

The Spyro games were always solid platformers and I was always a fan of the exploration and the charm of the games themselves, I have the original PS1 versions on my Vita still. I love that I get to play the games again on a huge TV and that the nostalgia isn’t misplaced in this instance. This has definitely been a labour of love by the team that has put it together.



Final Words:

In summary, the package is 3 excellent games, that have been updated so that they look and sound like they belong with this generation. You can pick Spyro Reignited up for around £30 too so it’s pretty good value. It’s accessible to pretty much everybody so with all this in mind it’s definitely a game I’d recommend to anyone that’s interested in a fun adventure game.



TBG Score: 8/10

psspacerGenre: Action, Adventure
Players: 1
Publisher: Activision
Release: 13/11/2018
Format: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Twitter: @spyrothedragon
Download link: PSNpsspacer


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