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8-Bit Boutique – Fantastic Retro Art

In my local area most retro art is sold at resale video game stores in the form of large, mass-produced posters that are all stored in a wooden crate. Second to that, prints can be found made by a local artist that typically have a movie influence mixed in. For those like me that have limited access to original and awesome video game art, please do yourself a favour and check out 8-Bit Boutique, I’ve never seen anything like what they have to offer:

  • 3D Shadow Box Art – video games, arcade, 80’s cartoon, comic books, pop culture, retro cereal
  • Altered Art (thrifted art, manipulated)
  • Arcade Christmas Ornaments
  • Miniature Pinball Models



The history behind 8-Bit Boutique, in their own words

I left a corporate job eight years ago now after a major life re-evaluation, and I started to redevelop the artistic skills that I had when I was younger. When I was little (a long time ago!) I wanted to be an artist, and so I decided to pursue this goal when I turned 30. In the last eight years, I have made over 20,000 pieces of pop art, 3D art and worked with customers on custom art projects from dozens of countries on every continent on Earth. I have worked on commissions for several large (and lots of small to medium sized) companies also, producing a range of 3D art for PR and marketing departments. I have spent over 25,000 hours self-teaching myself and developing my skills in this area, and I’m proud and confident of my work. I appreciate every single customer I have, from large commissions to individual pieces, as I know that without my awesome customers supporting my work, I would not be so lucky as to be able to do this as a full-time living.

Production Methods

To create my 3D art I, first of all, spend time on photoshop, working digitally on imagery to create approximately 12 different pages of graphics for each one piece of art. I then print the graphics using archival inks onto 320 gsm ultra gloss cardstock and then hand cut every single graphic and detail, and add hand touched elements to ensure all the pieces are perfect. I then assemble the many individual pieces, elements and layers, building the picture up into a three-dimensional space, supporting the layers with foam care artboard and balsa wood, until the final 3D diorama is achieved. Then I house the diorama art inside a deep wood shadow box, and mount using a hand cut bevelled cold press card mount Each limited edition finished piece is then signed and numbered on the reverse.

8-Bit Boutique is a breath of fresh air to the video game art world and this weekend they are offering 25% off their store using code: 1UP. For those that do not reside in the United Kingdom, don’t worry – they ship internationally. Take a look at their contact information below!

Twitter: @scg8bit
Instagram: @8Bitboutiqueart



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