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Varion – Nintendo Switch Review

Reading Time ~ 2 minutes

Release 08/11/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Varion is a hectic arcade game with the goal of shooting your opponents, but only if the shots bounce off a wall. Play as your choice of remote control robots and battle to the death. There are different themed levels to fight in, but the layout will change each match. Modes of play are Battle, Tournament and Challenge.

There are eight different robot characters to choose from: Spider, Sphere, Helix, Buggy, Tank, Goblin, Hornet and Drone. Each robot has different attributes including moving speed, reloading speed, and projectile speed. You also get to choose one of four colours for your robot. The last custom option to choose is dual stick or single stick controls.

Levels are more like a series of glass hallways than the dubbed “arena” term. If you don’t start each match shooting and moving, your three opponents eliminate you before you’ve grasped the area layout. I wasn’t joking when I said this game is hectic, matches can be as short as five seconds long. You don’t have a health bar as one hit will destroy each robot. Projectiles are being shot and bouncing off walls like crazy.

I played the Battle mode to unlock new and different areas to fight in. Every area has a different feature from the last that will slightly change your approach. Electricity, fire, and reflective crystals are examples from the first three levels. It’s important to read the fine print at the bottom of the screen or you’ll have no idea how or why you died without being hit by an enemy. Besides the features that change per level, the only thing that changes are the colours and background. You don’t really have time to notice or admire the background given the amount of time per match.

Varion has a top-down, inclined view of the battle area. Shooting projectiles off walls requires the player to correctly angle their shots. In addition to both of these features, the camera moves during gameplay. Suffice to say, there are a lot of things going on to hinder the accuracy of your projectiles.


Final Words:

There are far too many ways to customise this game for the amount of time it takes to complete a match. This feels like a game that would sound good on paper, but the execution didn’t follow suit. I did not enjoy the time spent playing Varion and would not recommend this to my friends.



TBG Score: 3/10

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 08/11/2018
No. of Players: 1-4
Category: Action, Arcade, Party, Multiplayer
Publisher: LIGHTMAZE
Developer: Rundisc
Twitter: @varion_game
Download link: eShop

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