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Tricky Towers – Nintendo Switch Review

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Tricky Towers
Release 11/10/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Tricky Towers is a Tetris clone with fun and colourful twists. For fans of the puzzle genre, this is a must-have for your collection. There are six different modes of play utilised in online battle, local battle, and single player. Choose one of four characters and tile designs then begin.

Modes of Gameplay:

  • Race Battle – first to the finish wins
  • Survival Battle – stack all bricks without dropping them
  • Puzzle Battle – most bricks stacked below the laser wins
  • Race Trials – stack bricks to the finish before time runs out
  • Survival Trials – stack all bricks without dropping them
  • Puzzle Trials – stack all bricks below the laser


Single player mode offers “trials” and “endless” game options. Trials will take you to a screen of ten challenges that give you medals upon completion. There are five pages of trials to total fifty and they climb in difficulty. I thought I was pretty good when I flew through the first handful or more, then started losing pretty bad. You have to pay attention to the level design and memorize the tiles to stack them appropriately. It can get pretty difficult and confusing. Endless takes you to a screen with options of race challenge, puzzle challenge, and survival challenge. Your best score is shown along with the scores of friends, weekly, monthly, and global if you have an online membership from Nintendo. Unfortunately, I do not have an online membership but if I did, it would only add another layer to the game. Playing with folks online and competing for scores sounds awesome.

Multiplayer mode is a race for points with the choice of challenge, difficulty and the number of points to win. Changing the difficulty will allow players to use items for themselves, items against opponents, and weather conditions. Weather conditions will affect gravity, which will alter the way to correctly place tiles.

I played two player mode and here are the thoughts of my opponent:

  • Good
  • Fast, even 18 points cup went fast
  • Less chance for items against each other


I also had the chance to play four player mode. Here are their thoughts.


Player 2 – 7/10

  • Fun, a fan of Tetris
  • Music was pleasant, not distracting or annoying
  • Good and bad options for punishing others was great
  • Variety of level styles was interesting
  • Cool to choose puzzle pieces


Player 3 – 7.8/10

  • Good multiplayer
  • Max time playing would be two hours
  • A good amount of challenge
  • The random mode was nice
  • Visual for puzzle mode contrasts with the background, it blends together and you can’t see well
  • Survival was okay
  • Good colours


Player 4 – 8/10

  • Enjoyable
  • Colours and contrast were nice
  • Variety kept it fun and the random mode was nice
  • Wish there were more and different types of music
  • Did not like the rain windy level, stupid and annoying
  • Wanted more character choices
  • Pro controller could flip pieces with L/R bumpers



Final Words:

This was a very fun multiplayer game, I laughed and enjoyed playing this with my friends. It got competitive but not rage-worthy like Overcooked. I loved the colours. I played using a Joy-Con and thought the controls were fine. I’ve already recommended this title to my friends, one responded and said the price point was too high. At $15/£13.49 I can see that, I feel like $10/£7.99 would have been a perfect price. Nonetheless Tricky Towers is great fun and you should put it on your wish list.



TBG Score: 8/10

Platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release: 11/10/2018
Players: 1-4
Category: Puzzle, Party, Multiplayer
Publisher: WeirdBeard
Twitter: @weirdbeardgames
Download link: eShop

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