The Jackbox Party Pack 5 – Nintendo Switch Review

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Jackbox Pack 5
Release 17/10/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 - Nintendo Switch

Cookie Masterson returns yet again to host the fifth instalment of the Jackbox Party series. This is a local party game that has five different Jackbox games to choose from. Four of the games can handle up the eight players, and the fifth game can have up to six players. There is also an option for online and audience support. I played all five games with three other players, here is a breakdown of the game and our reactions to them.


You Don’t Know Jack

You Don't Know Jack Logo.jpg

Trivia Game

  • Kind of boring
  • No one knew the answers
  • Everyone guessing
  • No laughter or fun


Split the Room

Split The room Logo.png

Answer questions in a way that will divide your audience with yes and no answers. If you split the room with some answering yes and some no, you will earn points.

  • More interesting
  • Made people laugh
  • Animated cat host was funny


Mad Verse City


Create rhymes with the help of the game, then battle each other to win the crowd.

  • Started the first game and it crashed before we got to answer
  • Everyone laughed and enjoyed it
  • The MC was funny

Zeeple Dome


Mobile type game that requires you to use your phone to slingshot yourself towards enemies.

  • Very odd way to add variety
  • Awkward and out of place mini-game that does not belong
  • A very weird slingshot game that no one enjoyed

Patently Stupid

Patently Stupid Logo

Drawing game that asks you to create a weird problem, then invent a solution for it. Sell it to your audience and earn the most votes to win.

  • Fun drawing game
  • The choice to have the computer sell or you could sell your product
  • Everyone laughed and had fun


Below are the final thoughts on Jackbox Party Pack 5 by my opponents:


Player 2 – Fun variety of different things, would replay all but Zeeple. The previous Jackbox games had similar games, this isn’t like that. The “You Don’t Know Jack” was much different than previous. Good, not as good as other Jackbox Party Packs.

Player 3 – Enjoyable but other Jackbox were better. Mad Verse City and Split The Room was fun and different. Good and fun to play but would not buy this one compared to the others.

Player 4 – Four good games, one bad being Zeeple. Best drawing games of all Jackbox was Patently Stupid. Split The Room and Mad Verse City were good, but I prefer older Jackbox games.


Final Words:

Overall it felt like more thinking than having a laugh with friends. It seemed like we were all waiting for the fun to begin and the laughs to consume the room. Patently Stupid and Split The Room made for the best time. The other games didn’t live up to the Jackbox name. Retail price is $30/£23.99  which is ridiculously expensive. That price is out of the question. It’s on sale for $25/£19.99 but that is still a reach. I played this game on a separate occasion with new players and we ended up stopping before playing all of the games.



TBG Score: 5/10

Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch
Release Date: 17/10/2018
No. of Players 1-8
Category: Party
Developer: Jackbox Games
Twitter: @jackboxgames
Download link: eShop

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