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SkyScrappers – Nintendo switch

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SkyScrappers is an interesting game that has been developed in the UK by Ground Shatter Ltd. Designed as a multiplayer platform-fighter, for up to four players, the aim of the game is to be the first one to reach the top of an exploding building or to knock out the other team members you are playing against. Gameplay is simple, fast and fun with an old-school arcade feel.

This game can be played in both portrait and landscape mode but to be perfectly honest SkyScrappers needs to be played on the big screen to show off the stunning hand-drawn artwork of the characters. The game itself is very shallow unless you have four players, there is a single player mode but this seems to be bolted on just to have the option. In single player, you face off against computer-controlled versions of the other characters. It is held together with the loosest of stories and takes place across various buildings from around the world. As you ascend to the top of each you can use the falling debris alongside a number of techniques to get higher and higher. So far, I have completed playthroughs with two of the main characters and their stories do vary a little. Unfortunately, the limited single-player mode is over far too quickly.


Fight and race your way to the top of a falling skyscraper… as it is being demolished

The multiplayer element is where this game picks up, it is a perfect Saturday night in gaming experience. If you get four people together, with a few drinks added to the mix and play on a big TV SkyScrappers becomes a lot more fun. Drunkenly playing and trying to work out how best to screw over your friends by beating them down to the bottom of the screen is pure and simple silly fun. Sadly there isn’t an option for online play, which I would love to see included, so any multiplayer games can only be done locally. This is a bit of a downside as getting four people in the same room nowadays can be difficult.

The music works well with the speedy gameplay and it is a good game but not great. There are a few downsides, the biggest gripe is that in handheld mode the screen can become very crowded especially when you are on the final stages with the four players on the screen at once. It becomes hard to concentrate and keep track of which character you are and which are the AI-controlled ones. Again this is best played on the TV.


Play with up to four players, take on single-player campaigns, or set up against AI bots


Final Words:

Overall I would give SkyScrappers a rating of 6/10 the game is just above average, enjoyable for a quick pick up and play but lacks any real depth. I think with some more time in the oven SkyScrappers could have been a great game. Hopefully, the dev team through updates will keep adding content such as more characters and different stages.



Beard Score: 6/10

Genre: Arcade, Action, Fighting
Players: 1 – 4
Publisher: Ant Workshop
Release: 29/10/2018
Format: Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch


Twitter: @groundshatter
Download link: eShop

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