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Guts and Glory – Nintendo Switch Review

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Guts and Glory
Release 19/08/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Guts and Glory almost feels inspired by Happy Wheels. Remember? That game that was a little bit of a laugh from time to time but grim in nearly every manner. The former is very similar. I will concede to a little laugh from now and then, but I am not laughing because I am satirical, nor find anything said funny. But instead, I am laughing at how poor the game is.

You have several worlds which you are able to complete, each taking part in a different area – one is in a park, the other in a city, some in a village, mountains, desert. But it is surprising – or unsurprising depending on your outlook – how poorly made nearly every single level is in this game. Everything just seems rather uncreative, and shoddily put together.


Your journey begins with two people on bikes, and trust me this is the really boring part. It starts off extremely slow, although this is maybe a good introduction for new users. And that is a point which is good with the game. A good tutorial. I always feel as if that is needed in a game. A game with no tutorial or no introduction is very hard to get to grips with. Yet this is one of the only things which I can actually enlighten about Guts and Glory.

Another thing is how it does become slightly more fun as you begin to gain access to using more vehicles. Pedro’s truck is by far the best thing in the game, as well as his missions – which actually appear to have some meaning as to what you are doing. The Yang family’s car is also a laugh, and when you’re going at faster speeds the game immediately becomes a little more fun. In terms of the missions, the Desert/Pedro missions are the best, and actually quite respectable in terms of what they are. The Mountains/Yang missions are fairly good until a certain point. In these missions, there is also some sort of storyline, which the rest of the game lacks dearly. However, I mean storyline to the very shortest of terms – it isn’t special in any respects, made worse by the fact you can choose any character for a certain area, even when it is clearly designed for a certain character.

That’s the positives sorted and when we come on to everything else it falls apart. Graphics are poor. Especially in the early levels, they just don’t bear looking at. This ties nicely into the framerate of the game, and I am afraid that no positives can be said regarding that, either. On occasion, my game even froze whilst playing a level. It takes forever to start up, even when you have just simply clicked respawn after you die.

The music is not something to marvel at either. It is extremely repetitive, with only some variety between each map and mission. It becomes very irritating after a time, where muting the system may even be the best way to go. If you’re not going to put thought into much else, at least put some into the music; I’ve found that that can change your overall perspective of the game, even if only slightly.


Guts and Glory could be considered an open world game, based on the fact you can literally go anywhere. With any other game, this would be a positive, but it is, in fact, another negative to this one; as it is clearly not meant to be open world in the slightest. In the grasslands, you can go over the hills and just find nothing there, or just be looking at endless grass. It clearly isn’t meant to be explored – but it can be. And that shows how poor it has been made, sadly.


Final Words:

This one has given me a lot of guts, but not so much glory. The way that Guts and Glory has been put together is not good enough for even a $15 game. Nothing can really hold it up apart from some humorous moments and a couple of relatively fun levels. I would like to think that most people could spend their money elsewhere. And I think it’s best you do.



TBG Score: 3/10

Genre: Action, Puzzle
Release Date: 19/08/2018
Players: 1
Publisher tinyBuild Games
Platform: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Twitter: @HakJakGames
Download link: eShop

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