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Rise and Shine – Nintendo Switch Review

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Rise and Shine
Release 27/09/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

The people of Gamearth thought they were at peace with the aliens but guess again, they’re not. Amidst the alien invasion, a boy named Rise stumbles into a villain that kills the Legendary Hero. The fallen hero left behind a gun named Shine, that now resides with Rise. It’s up this dynamic duo to save Gamearth and bring peace to the planet.

The shooting controls are awkward, you must hold ZL to unholster your weapon then press ZR to shoot. I toggled the control options but it did not help. Every time you shoot your gun the screen shakes. The left stick is to move and the right stick to aim. While your gun is holstered it becomes your way to jump pressing B. Tap it twice for a double jump. An issue with shooting is that it causes your character to walk slowly, so you’re left vulnerable while attacking. This slow down feature paired with the shooting controls bogged down the game a lot.

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Graphics are very pleasing, probably the best part of this game. The cutscenes are comic book strips and the gameplay is the comic coming to life. There are video game nods you will spot along the way including Qbert and Metal Gear Solid. More retro throwbacks appear throughout the game that are entertaining to see. Violence and gore are a common theme. Explosions, missiles, and a severed head flying into the air are a few things you will see often.

Upgrades come in the form of bullet variations. There is a slow down bullet that allows you to control the direction with the right control stick. It’s proved to be difficult at times, but clever how the game makes you purposely redo the same shot to progress through an area. Shoot once to navigate through an area and land on the rubble to remove it. Shoot again to hopefully make it past that area to find a button to land on that will open a door. There are more bullet variations and additional bullets for your clip as well.

Generally, enemies are pretty easy to defeat once you overcome the shooting mechanics a bit. Boss battles can be quite difficult but having infinite lives and bullets will make them easier to deal with. Big red buttons are important to look out for. Enemies include alien grunts, oddly shaped men, and lots of robots.

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Final Words:

The gameplay is linear with no side paths to explore. I can’t see myself replaying this game, unfortunately. The comic book cutscenes were the biggest highlight of Rise and Shine showing off fantastic colours and style. I did not care for the controls. I’m sad the game did not allow for video capture. The price is a bit steep for a couple of hours gaming, I would wait for this to go on sale to enjoy the art style and graphics.



TBG Score: 4.5/10

Platform: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 27/09/2018
Players: 1
Category: Arcade, Action, Adventure
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Developer: Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team
Twitter: @SuperMegaTeam
Download link: eShop


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