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Remakes We Actually Want To See

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Remakes and HD releases are all the rage these days. It allows gamers to legally access older classic titles on the latest generation of consoles and give developers a chance to revisit some of their best work alongside being another revenue stream. Today we asked the team about what would be on their wishlist for the top remakes they actually want to see!

Asa – lopezgreen

Remakes are a potentially good thing but also carry a fair amount of risk. They can be a good opportunity to make a cult classic available to a new audience on the latest generation of consoles, take Okami HD for example. As a counterpoint, they can be a quick cash grab for lazy companies, like with a lot of the 3D re-releases on the PS3 back in the day. With the announcement of Grandia 1 & 2 coming to Nintendo Switch, the recent release of the Shenmue Collection and with remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy 7 on the way it’s worth discussing remakes that we’d actually like to see.

I’m going to limit myself to three games for the purpose of brevity. My first would be Skies of Arcadia as it was a great game and I think it would hold up really well on modern consoles. Originally released on the Dreamcast way back in 2000 and ported to the Gamecube in 2002, it’s a really fun RPG with a compelling story and well-written characters. I’d love to play it again on a modern console, I’d also like a sequel if at all possible.

Next up is Sonic Jam, this was a collection of the core Sonic the Hedgehog games coupled with a 3D hub world and a museum of the history of Sonic. It was released on the Saturn in 1997 in the absence of a purpose-built Sonic game and definitely didn’t hit a huge audience due to the consoles ultimate failure. It would be cool if the museum was updated to include the more modern Sonic games and maybe things like Sonic CD but I’d be properly happy with it just being released as is.

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Finally, I’d probably go with a remake of Metal Gear Solid using the same engine as The Phantom Pain. Just the idea of fighting Metal Gear Rex in a game that looks as stunning as 5 is a dream, even though it seems incredibly unlikely given the changes at Konami in the last few years and the deterioration of the relationship with Hideo Kojima as a result. Still, if Shenmue 3 can actually happen then anything is possible with time.

Honourable mentions would go to SOS Final Escape, Morrowind, Road Rash and the original Streets of Rage. All good great games that I’d like to see remade using modern gaming techniques. I’m sure there’s also a hell of a lot more, I just can’t think of them at the moment.

Scott – thebigmacdaddy

What a toughy. I think I am going to have to go with my heart rather, than my head. By that, I mean a game I want to be remade, rather than a game that would make a good remake. I would love to see the 1991 Konami classic, Sunset Riders. It may be just nostalgia talking but boy did I love this game. So much so I owned it on the Mega Drive and the SNES. The SNES version was superior, producing a closer reflection of the original arcade outing.

At its heart, it is a 2D shooter and we all know Konami has a great pedigree in this department with Castlevania, Contra, Parodius, Twin Bee, all of which are real classics. The controls are as tight as you would expect to come from such pedigree. Having fairly recently played the game recently at the Arcade Club in Bury, I can say the game still has its magic.


We all love a cowboy game and this one did not take itself seriously and was a big bright colourful bag of fun. The game had it all, great graphics, style, charisma, charm, humour, variety and co-operative play. All I would want is an updated release, keeping true to its 2D roots. Updated graphics and some additional levels – not too much to ask! I could spend hours playing through this game, and is it not time for another generation to hear the immortal words “thank you, nice boys”

Honorary mentions:

  • Powerstone or Kung Fu Chaos, I loved this style of beat ’em ups, especially with my friends. Sadly they no longer seem a game type that is catered for.
  • Zombies Ate My Neighbours – Great Co-op fun. I would take a straight port tomorrow, to be honest. Konami has such a great back catalogue but only seem interested in releasing Metal Gear Solid and PES games these days.
  • Conflict Desert Storm – What a Co-op game. I can remember my friend being locked in prison and busting him out to start the game.
  • Winter Heat or Athlete Kings. Behold two of the greatest button bashers of all time. Is it not time these games made an appearance again? I’d take a Track and Field update too (another Konami game, hmmm).
  • WCW vs NWO Revenge was the pinnacle of wrestling games for me. WCW was at its peak with numerous classic wrestlers on their books. The interaction using the ring and multiplayer just worked (I know people preferred Wrestlemania 2000 or No Mercy by the same developer but I found these games of a slower pace).
  • Point Blank – another game I loved. Just please release with a light gun with recoil true to the arcade!

Benn – theflamey

The first game that I would really like to see as a remake is Cannon Fodder, yep that’s my choice and I’m sticking with it. Many moons ago when starting out playing games, on my Amiga 500, Cannon Fodder was one of the most enjoyable experiences I can remember. Graphically it was impressive, the game played perfectly and the intro song was simply genius. It received a couple of sequels and was released on a number of different formats but for me the Switch, in particular, would make an ideal home for this. Yes, we have Tiny Troopers which is fun but just not the same.


Another remake needed would be Shadow of Memories, it was a delightful game and was like nothing I had played before when it released on the PlayStation 2. It was a time when Konami actually released games and decent games at that. Shadow of Memories is centred around a character names Eike Kusch who must use time travel to stop himself being murdered.

Finally, I would love to see a console version of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins which was an original GameBoy release from 1992. The game was a massive step forward in the mobile world of Mario that echoed the style of Super Mario Bros 3. I was blown away by it at the time and would happily revisit.

My honourable mentions would go to the on-rails Pokemon Snap, crazy music rhythm game Vib-Ribbon, The Settlers and Space Channel 5.


What did you make of our picks and what did we miss off? Leave us a comment in the section below, on Twitter or Facebook!

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