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Punch Line – PlayStation Vita Review

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punch line

Punch Line
Release 25/09/2018
PSVita version tested
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Where to even start with this. I mean, I already own a game on my PlayStation Vita which is essentially about dating pigeons and Punch Line is by far more wacky than that. The basic plotline of Punch Line revolves around the main protagonist being knocked unconscious simply because he looked at a girl’s panties for just that little bit too long. Then while unconscious his body magically becomes possessed leaving you in a ghost-like form as you desperatly try to get your body back. It’s an absolutely mental concept. The game comes from the minds of development team 5pb. Inc. and is published by PQube on PC and PlayStation.

Let’s be clear here, it isn’t much of a game in terms of playability as you would expect from a visual novel. What you get is a strange mix of anime combined with an interactive and immersive storytelling experience. Of the little gameplay on offer, all you really have to do is occasionally chain together interactions with the environments to advance the storyline. The USP here is it all needs to be done while trying to avoid looking at the panties of the female characters for too long because if you do it causes the extinction of humanity somehow, of course it does. Seriously the whole thing is just like someones wildest dreams have spilt onto the page without thinking about the consequences.


Visually Punch Line is a pretty impressive state of affairs, the in-game graphics really look like an anime and to its credit, the animated portions of the game do look like a proper full budget cartoon. Sadly though that’s really all I can say about Punch Line in a positive light. As previously mentioned it’s not really a game per see and throughout my play time I also noticed some of the subtitles are poorly translated and the use of fanservice reminds me of some of the worst parts of certain anime I’ve seen over the years.


Final Words:

Basically, I can’t recommend this game based purely on the visuals and there’s just nothing else of note to it. The whopping price tag for a Vita game feels prohibitive, especially when you consider that for the same sort of money you could pick up Final Fantasy’s 6 to 9. As always, it does get marked up for not being Aliens: Colonial Marines so there’s that at least although as that’s a bloody low bar.



TBG Score: 3/10

psspacerPlatform: PC, PlayStation
Release Date: 25/09/2018
No. of Players: 1
Category: Visual Novel
Developer: 5pb. Inc.
Publisher: PQube
Download link: PSN

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