My Reasoning for Joining a Review Team & Why You Should Too!

my reasoning for joining a review team
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I found Two Beard Gaming via Twitter this year and I liked the impression they left on me. They seemed very friendly and welcoming new people that follow. The biggest factor that kept me following Two Beard Gaming was that they did not seem anything like IGN, which I and everyone else uses as the pinnacle of gaming in terms of comparison. After a few weeks of following them, I reached out to theflamey and asked if and how I could join. Fast forward to my first review application 20XX on Nintendo Switch, and here we are. What led me to joining an awesome review team? A specific college professor and class, along with a passion for video games. Why should you join a review team? Solidifying your opinion on games and making friends along the way.

Right out of high school I went to a community college and took some classes including Composition, which is an English writing course. Stephen Oravec was the professor that taught this course and influenced me to cater my next semester to find his sequential course. I had received high writing grades in high school but never enjoyed it. Both classes I took with Stephen allowed me to enjoy writing and advance my writing skills without feeling as if it were a chore. His best advice was to “bullshit your papers because that is where the best information comes from”, somewhat paraphrased from years ago. Mouth-breathers took this as jokes, but I used it to my advantage and received all A’s in his classes. Once you follow the format and show you know how to use grammar correctly, you can write however you wish. Thank you for your great influence. Writing is a great outlet to use with video games and everyone should give it the old college-try.


Passion for video games started at a young age playing Mario on the regular Nintendo. At one point I wanted to create them but had no follow-through in that respect. Video game magazines were quite popular back in my day and absolutely loved seeing them on the racks at Kroger. I had a few different collections of them but did not enjoy the writing. It felt unnatural, and that feeling is still present with articles I’ve read from IGN. When I write articles for Two Beard Gaming I want them to read from an average perspective. I make references and nods to video game sentiments I had growing up that will translate easily to those that grew up with the same experiences. These factors drive my passion for video games and writing helps further that interest.

It’s funny how everyone has an opinion but cannot always explain their reasoning behind it. I have had trouble clarifying why I do and do not like video games, but writing it out has helped a lot. Placing my reasoning on paper helps me solidify my thoughts in a way that can be shared with others. Once I write about why I like a game, I reread it and question if there are any other factors that can be added or taken away. I want to be concise and easy to understand. Proof-reading my articles in full enables me to look at my opinion from another perspective. Try writing down your thoughts on new video games or products to see how the pros and cons stack up to one another. Joining a review team has helped me expand my video game tastes and figure out why I avoid certain genres.


In addition to playing video games and writing about them, I have had a ton of social interaction and dare I say, made friends. Yes, this is solely on the internet, but I have spoken to some pretty great people on the regular and found new games because of it. My mentions on Twitter have never been more full, and my youtube subscriber count has gone up as well. The Two Beard Gaming team has a discord to speak to the team, as well as anyone that wants to join the chat. Thank you to all the people that have reached out and spoken to me about games, I’ve enjoyed all of the conversations and look forward to more.

If you have enjoyed this article and are currently on a video game review team, I would enjoy hearing what led you to become part of your team. What reasons would you give others to join a review team? Shout out to Two Beard Gaming for the opportunity to ignite a hidden writing passion paired with an obvious video game passion I have. Thank you for reading and feel free to drop a link in the comments section to a similar article you have written.


I'm Trevor (or Surrealrager) I love my Nintendo Switch and writing. I make video reviews as well as written reviews. Writing in my free time has been a great creative outlet.

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