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It’s past midnight and I have just got back from the Kinda Funny meet and greet event that was held at Nando’s O2 on Friday. It was an amazing night spent with like-minded people, I really enjoyed spending quality time with everyone that arrived and for the love of gaming. This night meant a great deal for me on a personal note as it was a way of helping with my anxiety about being around other people. I really pushed myself to get out there and in return, I had the opportunity to meet some of the guys who make Kinda Funny. I have been enjoying their content a great deal for the past couple of years.

The meet and greet event is all part and parcel of them coming over to RTX in London. It is the first time that Tim, Greg and Andy have ever travelled to the UK for the purpose of meeting the fans. On arrival, I found that some people had decided to meet up early in order to get to know each other as most had not previously met. The atmosphere was electric and all of the fans were in great spirits. People instantly gravitated towards each other as we all had some sort of Kinda Funny merchandise on us, acting like a homing beacon.

We slowly filtered into the Nando’s which, fans will know, was a running joke on the morning show for about two years and even Colin and Greg live before that. Our group took over the entire downstairs section of the restaurant with random people occasionally walking past trying to work out what on earth was going on. Finally, the guys arrived, Tim wandering in first and greeted us. Greg turned up next with Cameron Cuffe in tow, he is the grandfather of Superman in the prequel show Krypton. This saddens me a little as I didn’t get a chance to meet him and I have just started watching it, would have been a great opportunity to ask him some questions. The guys then proceeded to spend a good four hours chatting, eating and having fun with all that had made the effort to attend. Sadly, I had to leave before they did to catch my train home.

Every one of the Kinda Funny guys was so great with us, due to the setting they had a constant crowd of people around them. At the same time, they all made it feel like you were the only person that mattered to them when you were talking. I managed to have a little chat with a lot of #bestfriends which I think really made the night special for me. I was very worried on the way down to London that I would end up being my usual self and just sit quietly in the corner. Thankfully the best friends helped bring me out of my shell.



Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to the guys for making this happen and a massive shout out to mcfixer on YouTube and Twitter who arranged the whole thing. With all the things that are going on in the world it’s nice to have a simple fun evening.

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