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Earthfall – Win/Mac/Linux Review

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Release 13/07/2018
PC version tested
Review code provided


Earthfall makes a good first impression and shows a lot of promise for the future. It becomes apparent early on that it is very much like the Left 4 Dead series. The game plays from the first-person point of view but instead of fighting off the Zombie Hoard you must do everything you can to survive in the aftermath of Earth being hit by an alien invasion.

The game mechanic essentially replicates what Left 4 Dead did so well, you play as one of four characters working cooperatively as part of a team. Each character has their own personality and skillset with the objective of reclaiming Earth. Earthfall doesn’t really come into its own as a single player event but where it does excel is in its multiplayer. Unfortunately, the single-player mode is hampered by dumb AI that doesn’t help towards any of the mission objectives and constantly ends up dying. The game really begins to open up with friends and I think this is where it would be a much better gaming experience. Sadly I have only been able to play the multiplayer game briefly as I am waiting for my friends to pick up the game. Of what I have played so far it is good fun but the random people I ended up being matched with didn’t tend to use their microphones. This really hampered our progress and made the game that little bit harder to enjoy.


I ended up playing Earthfall quite a lot in single player despite it being let down by the shoddy AI. The overall game design is solid, it looks nice and the weapons feel heavy when you need them to be. The enemies aren’t as varied as we have come to expect with other titles that are of a similar ilk such as Left 4 Dead, which I have spent many hours on but having said that it is fun none the less. Earthfall doesn’t offer an overarching storyline to help keep you playing through the game. It ends up with you simply killing endless waves of aliens in a bid to progress. I played using the pad which acts as a mouse on the home screen, its a weird setup and took a while to get used to.

On the whole, Earthfall is a very good shooter. Where it loses points is that in my mind I keep comparing it to Left 4 Dead which always left me wanting to go back after I had stopped playing. The game is fun for a few hours on your own but I know it will open up in multiplayer as this is where I think it will really shine.


Final Words:

Overall I would give Earthfall a 7 of 10 rating. With some little tweaks here and there and the mix of some people, I know, owning the game it will make for a great party game.



TBG Score: 7/10

genericspacerGenre: Action, First Person Shooter
Players: 1-4
Publisher: Holospark
Release: 13/07/2018
Format: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox Onegenericspacer

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