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Daemonical (Early Access) – PC Review

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Release 15/08/2018
PC version tested
Review code providedgenericspacer

Daemonical is an early access game with a just nugget of hope for the future. I have now played this a number of times and can really see what the dev team are trying to achieve with this game. With Daemonical they are heading down the route that the likes of Evolve went down, using a four vs one style of gameplay mechanic – that style really was a big thing from a couple of years ago but how does it stack up today?

At the moment the product is in early access status and as such is very bare-bones, more proof of concept than anything. In the short period of time I have owned Daemonical, there has already been a good five patches since my initial install and naturally with each patch released the game gets a bit added or taken out, another gameplay element included. All of this effort is helping to make the experience a little bit better every time. As previously mentioned the game is still in early access so I don’t think that it is fair to give a full review of the game as it is changing so much with each patch they have recently added a Demon Skill system which wasn’t a thing when I first played so I’m still working out exactly how that works.


The good thing about Daemonical is that gameplay is amazingly fluid, fast and even at this stage you generally don’t have to wait long to get into a game with other players. Once in a game, the aim is to look for ritual parts to, I assume, seal away the demon. I am not sure though as I am not that great at online multiplayer games past Destiny and have only won one match but really that’s because I ran and hid until the timer expired.

The basis of the game at the moment feels like it’s a much faster version of Evolve just without the differing roles to play. In its current form I’d struggle to say that Daemonical is a great game but what’s promising is it shows a little nugget of hope that makes me think with time and further crafting this could be a great fun little game. At its core the game rounds are 15 minutes long and surviving the in the surrounding areas is the aim of the game, which always proves fun.


While playing as the human characters you have an odd mechanic where if you press Q a scar on your hand begins to pulsate pointing you to the nearest ritual object, which should help you progress but again I wouldn’t know yet as didn’t manage to find one.


Final Words:

This is a game that I will periodically check into just to see what has changed and if that little nugget of excellent gameplay loop has been expanded on. At the moment for me, I would have to say we are looking at around 5/10 for a score but that can easily change. My plan is to keep revisiting Daemonical as and when the updates come to check up on improvements and report my findings.



TBG Score: 5/10

genericspacerPlatform: Steam
Release Date: 15/08/2018
No. of Players: Online co-op
Category: Action, Arcade
Developer: Fearem
Publisher: Gamifier
Download link: Steam

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