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Penny Punching Princess – Nintendo Switch

We all want happiness and money right, but money doesn’t always lead to happiness that is well… unless you’re Princess from Penny Punching Princess. Money is key in her world and even in our world, so is this game worth your money?

In Penny Punching Princess you play as Princess (yes that’s her actual name) who’s a princess (didn’t expect that) after revenge. Her father was the ruler of their country but because of the evil Dragonloan family, he was tricked into having a huge debt. She lost everything because of them, including her family and country, and is now on a quest for vengeance against the Dragonloan family. The Dragonloan family has established a world where money is everything, where money is power. Capitalism dominates and money is the main theme of the game. I found the story to be really awesome and funny. I loved the universe, it was so original. I love how they made fun of capitalism and took it to capitalism times a million. The premise is really good.


Penny-Punching Princess is an isometric brawler that takes place in a world ruled by capitalism

On her quest for vengeance, Princess will have to fight the Dragonloan family and their minions. Gameplay consists of a brawler style where you’ll be using your fists to get the business done. You have a strong attack which takes a bit more time to recharge and a regular attack which consist of mashing the same button while using the left stick to make awesome combos. Levels consist of moving through each stage to reach the endpoint. When you reach certain areas, it’s time to use your fists, and in a “fist” of rage you beat down the minions of Dragonloan. Here’s the catch though, since money rules everything, you can use your special calculator to bribe enemies. Use your money and suddenly, they disappear but later can be summoned to join your side when you call them. You can also bribe buildings to help you such as fire-breathing dragon statues. Combat was really fun, it had some challenges and I think the whole enemy bribing idea was a brilliant concept. It really adds a different spin on the brawler genre making this game even more fun.

Of course, you won’t always be brawling and getting that sweet revenge, as with the people you’ve bribed, you’ll be able to get upgrades for your character to make her stronger! You also need to train to build up stats as the game is quite difficult. Speaking of that, like most NIS titles the game is filled with content and the story is quite long. You may find that you want to replay levels so you can then go back and bribe even more enemies and statues in order to gain additional upgrades. It is a good idea to do this as it’s quite a hard game. Sadly you aren’t invincible and there are many enemies that stand in your way as you punch your way to the Dragonloan family. The game has a very cool pixelized style to complement the battling.

One of the problems though is how short the levels are, they aren’t very long so you can finish them quickly. While they’re not long, they’re quite hard and it can be infuriating as there’s nothing to help you! If you die you still have the same health as you did before starting a section. If you have low health you often find yourself having to restart a level because it is near impossible to beat. It made me not want to die and when I did, I had to redo a lot of the level. A good example is when you face a boss and die, you restart back halfway through the level before being able to challenge him again. It was very annoying.


Fight or bribe your way to reclaiming your kingdom from the greedy Dragoloans


Final Words:

Overall Penny Punching Princess is an awesome game. I love the concept and the world, it’s just great fun. There’s the signature NIS humour and the localization is awesome as always. I enjoyed smashing my enemies with all the different move sets available even though it can be a difficult game to master. I’m so glad that NIS is supporting the Switch as actively as they are and I can’t wait for their future games. If you’re looking for a good brawler on Switch then this is a perfect place to start!



Beard Score: 8/10

Genre: Action
Players: 1
Publisher: NIS America
Release: 30/03/2018
Format: Nintendo Switch

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