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Nintendo Direct Today – Sept 13th, 2018

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We are hours away from the Nintendo Direct, and everyone is anxiously waiting to see what is in store for us. The Two Beard Gaming team has some hopes and predictions for this direct, let’s take a look.



I’m guessing that Luigi’s Mansion one and two will be brought to Switch since the first game is being released on 3DS. Additionally, if I could wish for something new it would be Diddy Kong Racing 2 for Switch, but that’s a long shot.





I’m thinking their online service will be shown in more detail. Explaining what NES (and possibly SNES) titles are included on day one with additional info around the online elements of each title. To see something like Super Mario Kart with online multiplayer would be very interesting. I think more information on Yoshi for Switch will come, and further details on games such as Starlink and Super Mario Party. There won’t be a big shock, Nintendo is sure to save that for post Smash Bros Ultimate release with an Animal Crossing reveal in time for Easter. Speaking of Smash, we will close with a new challenger incoming…





What I’d like to see from this evening’s direct is the announcement of an N64 classic, maybe some more lazy Wii U ports, namely Super Mario 3D World and Pikmin 3. I absolutely want an Animal Crossing announcement though. In reality, what I think we will see is a more in-depth look at their online service, a showing of the lacklustre new Yoshi game and then maybe another push of the new Labo packs.





I just love Direct time! This one is going to be a little different due to the awful disaster in Japan last week, as such I feel that most of the 3rd party titles have already been leaked or just announced. That being said, I’m sure Nintendo will have some 1st party goodness up their sleeves. My vote is that we will see Mario Maker Deluxe being ported to the Switch and release before the year is out! I also feel there will be one last hurrah for the 3DS, Links Awakening remaster is a must, and something I would buy day one. Enjoy!!





So we have what could be one of the last Nintendo Directs of the year, I always get excited in the build up to these events. Unfortunately though, I pretty much always end up mildly disappointed by what is being showcased as there’s rarely anything that I’m interested in. I totally appreciate that Nintendo isn’t purely in business for my gratification. With that in mind, I thought I’d do a quick list of what I’d like versus what I’m expecting.

What I’d like:

  • I would love something, just anything, relating to a Virtual Console on Switch, I’d settle for Dreamcast and Gamecube port announcements though if that’s what it comes to.
  • An Animal Crossing announcement. Come on Nintendo, I need to be digging up fossils and making friends with Bluebear and Tangy.
  • Absolutely anything Pokemon related. I don’t mind how trivial it is – just something, whether it’s hyping up Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee, teasing next years game or some kind of remake/port just to keep us going.
  • A showcase of games coming next year. I want to know what games I have to look forward to. As it stands, I have more or less got my purchases sorted for the rest of the year so some teasers would be nice.

What I’m expecting:

  • Details on the Switch online service, which I believe has been all but confirmed at this point. Not really something I’m not overly bothered about all told, but I’ve had my mind changed with other things in the past.
  • Some details on the new Yoshi game. Nintendo apparently said we’d hear more on this title before the end of the year so it’s entirely possible, plus the actual title of the game has leaked based on a product listing on a website.
  • Some more hype for Smash Brothers, though I really hope not at this point. I feel like a whole dedicated direct was more than enough from a personal standpoint.
  • Some kind of Labo expansion. I was surprised about the initial Labo reveal, not my kinda thing at all but it definitely has that novelty value. I would not be surprised to see more of this series.





My wish list for the Nintendo Direct would be to see 1080 get a reboot. I think we are long overdue a great snowboarding game, I was a massive fan of the original but sadly it is really showing its age now. I also feel F-Zero is due another instalment, Sony rolled out Wipeout again so let’s see if Nintendo can do the same. The ability to play multiplayer, with friends, on the go would be a great selling point. As you can tell I am a big fan of Nintendo’s back catalogue and seeing the much touted N64 mini make an appearance would be the icing on the cake. I have many good memories of playing local multiplayer. Hopefully, it would be in good supply and at a reasonable price!

One thing I don’t want to see is a revamped Switch, well certainly not yet. Nintendo being successful is what we all want but I feel that this sort of announcement would be a massive kick in the teeth. Especially to the loyal and supportive Nintendo fans so early in the console’s lifecycle.





I just want to see something fresh, a game that hasn’t previously been announced and goes on to steal the show. It would be even better if it was a brand new IP. I’m all Smashed out as it stands and still not sure if it is a day one purchase for me. How about a Mario Golf or Mario Strikers keeping in line with Aces? I would also like to see some GameCube releases turn up on Switch. Games like Mario Sunshine, The WindWaker, Billy Hatcher, Monkey Ball and even Sonic Adventure would all sit perfectly happy with me. There will certainly be in-depth information about the online service and a couple of 3DS titles to boot.


These are the games and content we wish to see on this Direct, leave us a comment on what you’re hoping for!


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