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Detective Gallo – Nintendo Switch Review


Detective Gallo
Release 30/03/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

In the world of entertainment, there seems to be a fashionable trend for American detective products right now. Whether it’s the Muppets based Happytime Murderers in cinema, or the return of L.A. Noire in gaming. Of course, other people are wanting to leap on this trend, and Detective Gallo is one of these trend jumpers.

Gallo is a traditional point and click title, looking like it comes straight out of the era of Macromedia Flash gaming on Windows 98. To some that may be nostalgic and rewarding, but to me playing it on the Nintendo Switch in docked mode, the style of gaming didn’t work well and felt like I needed to plug a keyboard and mouse into my console. Sadly this isn’t possible, and so controlling the cursor with the control stick similar to the glove on the Super Mario 64 start screen it’s long-winded.

Where the game does exceed Windows 98 standards is the music and voice recording, which is done to a very high standard and gives you something to engage with and continue with the story. It’s just a shame that at several points the characters’ dialogues kept overlapping and looping which, when wanting to give the game a chance, made it irritating to persevere with. Music wise, however, the game sets the scene well and helps add something to a game that could easily lose your interest otherwise.

The narrative is straightforward enough. A plant murderer is on the loose, and Detective Gallo (along with his fourth wall breaking assistant who is a cactus he keeps in his pocket) is out to find who is responsible. Along the way a large cast can be found, all of whom are voiced well and get somewhat amusing (if not predictable) dialogue for people to read between the lines of. The puzzles in each room vary in difficulty, but are never too challenging and wouldn’t cause you to walk away in frustration. The real frustration in the game is the number of times you have to go back and forth between existing areas in order to find clues that had no reason not to be obtainable prior, other than to pad out the game.

As far as whodunnit titles go, this isn’t up there with Broken Sword calibre of point and click gaming. But then from the writing and dialogue, I think the team of developers knew this from the onset when creating the title. I think at its current price point the level of content and length of the game are somewhat disappointing.


Final Words:

Overall a set of characters with a lot of potentials, it is just sadly never achieved. If a sequel happens down the road, hopefully, elements such as control schemes, repetitive looping soundbites and the way in which the game expects you to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… could be improved upon. Then maybe the thought that has gone into Detective Gallo and his fellow cast will get the game they deserve.



TBG Score: 4/10

Genre: Point and Click
Players: 1
Publisher: Adventure Productions
Release: 30/03/2018
Format: Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch


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