Xeodrifter – Nintendo Switch

Xeodrifter is an action adventure game that is geared towards the Metroid category. You’re exploring in space when your ship explodes, leaving you to gather materials across four worlds in order to get your ship back in order.

I am in love with this art style, the colours and graphics are perfect. The contrast in colours shows the depth of level design, which is most easily exploited with background exploration. One of the upgrades allows the player to jump from the foreground to the background, this opens up new areas to explore.

Finding hidden power-ups is fun, once I found one I had to find them all. Power-ups increase your health or your shot, which can be modified in the pause screen. Different types of shots helped me find hidden areas and get safe kill shots on enemies. You can mix and match shots to create your own unique shooting pattern, I thought that was different and helpful.

It’s easy to not watch your health points and get taken off guard by enemies, which will take you back to your ship. Quick reload times make this a much easier process to endure. Remember to save often on your ship, even if you don’t complete the area you’re working on. You’ll travel between worlds often once you abilities are acquired.

The controls respond well, you can hold down the fire button to shoot as fast as you can. Button mashing is not required, nor will it work. Your character jumps pretty high, and it’s best shown in boss battles.

Every boss is the same design, just a different colour and slightly different fighting technique. Their attacks evolve from boss to boss with the new abilities you learn. The green and blue bosses gave me the most trouble of them all.


Although there are only four levels, their design will keep you interested. You will have to explore the same areas multiple times with different upgrades or if you don’t look at your map on the pause menu, as I failed to do. Enemies will reappear and you will have to dodge or destroy them each pass by.


Final Words:

Overall this is a great game that I recommend buying. It looks awesome and feels good to play. It’s on sale for $4.99 so get it now while you can.



Beard Score: 8/10

Title: Xeodrifter
Genre: 2D Action/Adventure, Platformer
Players: 1
Publisher: Atooi
Release: 02/15/2018 (Switch)
Format: Switch, 3DS, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Steam $9.99


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