Fall of Light: Darkest Edition – Nintendo Switch

Patience is a virtue, never has a proverb been so apt for a game. Fall of light is an isometric action adventure for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox. A dark hack and slash adventure with a slight nod to the Souls games.

You are an armour clad warrior leading your daughter, who seems to have either eaten plenty of ready brek or she has a severe case of radiation poisoning, through a very dark world. The point of the game is to progress through each level killing, or simply running past various sword fodder, with the aim of getting to a large boss, which closes out the level.


10 weapon classes: pick your favourite combo of close-range weapons, crossbows, and shields

Graphically the game is decent, albeit very dark. The sound again is okay, music is at a minimum but the sound effects are relatively atmospheric. Being so dark it is easy to get caught up on the scenery or walk off of ledges.

Gameplay wise, again it’s ok. Fighting the hoards is dull, but as I’ve said, you can simply walk past them. The bosses, however, look good and require an amount of strategy to defeat them. In a similar vein to ICO you lead your daughter around the levels but her input to the game is nothing like that, she is simply there for a day out with her dad.

Like the Souls games, this game can get pretty difficult and at times frustrating. Should you die, you are regenerated at the last checkpoint you activated, but then you must go find your daughter, who has become a blue sparkle of light you must recover.


All-new dungeon: complete with new enemies and dangers, exclusive to the Darkest Edition


Final Words:

The loading times are pretty poor, hence the need for patience. If you had a spectrum or Commodore 64 you’ll be fine, but these were tape-based machines, this is a downloadable title, and therefore completely unacceptable. Not bad, not great, just ok!



Beard Score: 4/10

Genre: Action, Adventure
Players: 1
Publisher: Digerati
Release: 30/08/2018 (Console)
Format: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


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