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PolyGod – Nintendo Switch Review

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Polygod NS

Release 17/08/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Polygod is another title in the ever-growing genre of rogue-like games, it seems to be the in thing at the moment so I’m curious to see what it has to offer and importantly does it stand out from the rest. PolyGod is the love child of developer Krafted Games and is releasing on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

From the initial boot up I was presented with the standard Nintendo Switch logo which quickly disappeared leaving behind a black screen and then what seemed like an eternity with nothing happening. I was a little worried that something had gone horribly wrong but after about 30 seconds the title screen popped up. I know it’s nothing major but I would expect better loading times and they continue within the game itself so it wasn’t a one-off issue.


The menu is bright and vibrant showcasing the games low-poly graphical style and it works well for what it is. The overall look of the game has been inspired by the metaphysical surrealist artist Giorgio de Chirico who is revered for his eerie mood and strange artificiality of cityscapes. The menu provides a few different gameplay options, standard, daily dungeon, split-screen co-op and versus. The music that accompanies is really great, it has a chilled out electronic vibe to it that is mystical and enchanting with an eerie undertone signalling the onslaught that lies ahead.

PolyGod is played from a first-person shooter point of view, the action is fast and violent reminiscent of old school Doom or Quake. What makes this different though is that levels are randomly generated each time you play, which could account for the slower than usual load times. At the beginning of each level you are provided with the code just in case, it deserves a replay at some point, you can also save them as ‘Seeds’ negating the need to actually remember the code.


You play as a one-armed assassin, known as the Faceless One who thankfully has mastered the art of wielding a gun. As you fight and kill a whole variety of different hostile minions you collect their souls in a bid to reach the boss fight against a ruthless Holy Champion. Only the most skilled and strategic players will achieve this as the game is brutally hard. Each arena that is generated features five Altars of Worship that offer you blessings in exchange for the souls you have picked up along your journey. Blessings combine and stack to create unique gun effects, but you need to choose wisely if you wish to survive as there are also severe consequences to every action.


Final Words:

PolyGod has lots to offer across seven distinct realms and boss fights. It aims to keep you playing by offering a lot of unlockables and customisation tweaks but it is tough going. The game is hard and unforgiving, it isn’t the sort of game that will keep me coming back for more but will appeal to some, especially speedrunners.



TBG Score: 6/10

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, Nintendo
Release Date: 17/08/2018
No. of Players: 1
Category: FPS, Action
Developer: Krafted Games
Publisher: Krafted Games
Download link: eShop

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