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Iconoclasts – Nintendo Switch Review

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Release 02/08/2018
Switch version tested
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Iconoclasts is a 2D Metroid platformer where you play as Robin, the mechanic. Your weapons of choice are a HUGE wrench, stun gun and bomb. The wrench can be used as a weapon and can crank bolts that act as switches. The stun gun can be shot and charged for a bigger shot, followed by a cool-down. The bomb can be shot as is, or charged to become a bullet, and has a cool-down.


The tutorial area covers the basic moves but there are techniques you must figure out on your own to reach areas of interest. The tutorial boss shows how responsive the controls are, quick-firing rounds and jumping around figuring out the jump distance without even realizing it. The second boss was an awesome fight that included your first party member. After the fight, I said “that was awesome!”, then the game text said the exact same thing. I thoroughly enjoyed that and laughed out loud.

Areas previously explored must be revisited once newer upgrades are found or puzzles unlocked. Did I mention this was a Metroid game? The levels are linear with some short side paths that usually dead-end. You run around a lot and it can get annoying but eventually get a transporting device that can take you to each level. The puzzles are the main focus of the game rather than exploration. Other than puzzles, the boss battles are the meat and potatoes of Iconoclasts. Water areas are pretty cool and I like that you can swim underwater. You have a breath bar that can be upgraded with the correct materials at workshops, among other upgrades. You find the materials for upgrades in treasure chests.

The death screen is very troll-worthy. The entire screen is filled with the word “PERISHED”. Most of my deaths were to bosses, so I was pretty eager to get back in the game once the perish screen hit. The boss fights prove to be pretty difficult because they require you to figure out the mechanic that will allow you to cause damage. For instance, the same second boss requires you to perform a few actions, switch characters, wrench a bolt then you’re able to attack. Take that concept and spread it over every boss and that will be each battle in a nutshell.


Certain parts of the story require you to play as other party members which is a good change of pace. The first instance is with Mina, whose weapon is a shotgun! Awesome weapon but it has this bust-a-move line of sight shown every time you shoot which is weird. You will encounter new party members along the way with different attacks and abilities.

The story is pretty deep for a 2D platformer. It involves multiple religions, tiers of power and class, and voiced opinions on all matters mentioned… You also get to choose some answers when it comes to conversation.


Final Words:

The price is a bit steep for what it has to offer, but given a discounted price I would recommend this to Metroid fans that are looking for a silly twist on their typical game of choice. Decent game, I really enjoyed the art style but I was looking for a bit more from this title.



TBG Score: 6/10

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 02/08/2018
No. of Players: 1
Category: Action, Puzzle
Developer: Joakim Sandberg
Publisher: Bitfrost Ent.
Download link: eShop

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