Lara Croft, Pac-Man and Spyro – Numskull Merch

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Numskull designs are on fire this past week with some cracking gaming announcements! Tomb Raider, Pac-Man and Spyro are all featured with new merch released which will be highly sort after for anyone interested in these franchises.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider


The latest instalment of Lara Croft’s adventures is due for release on September 14th this year, and what better way to celebrate than gearing up with the latest merch. Numskull has done a fantastic looking job on these items which can be found on their website and can be pre-ordered from They have loads of things from pin badges and hats, to messenger bags and a lovely looking hoodie which just looks on point (£34.99). A striking Mayan inspired square mug caught my eye too(£14.99). You can see it in the inserted picture, and I’m sure you’ll agree it would look great on a shelf, or with some tea in it.

The thing that caught my eye the most was something a little more retro, a set of four coasters designed in the original PlayStation cases. They’re only £9.99 and they look fantastic, they look like real mini CD cases. I’m definitely going to pick these up.



Pac-Man is the iconic retro gaming figure, with a worldwide reputation. Anyone who has ever even played a game knows who he is. He’s probably most associated with the arcade scene and is one of the original and most identifiable arcade games ever. Numskull is bringing this arcade nostalgia into our homes with something very special and unique. With a new product line they’re calling Quarter Arcades they are bringing us just that, a 1/4 scale, fully functional working arcade! These are limited editions and look spectacular. For anyone with a love of Pac-Man these are going to be much sort after, and would look great in any gaming rooms out there. The design is based on the original arcade cabinet design from the ’80s and even runs the original ROM version, for that authentic feel. Just look at the pictures! They look great and make you just want to play it!

Everything is a realistic replica, from the wooden frame to the original iconic artwork, and it will be joined by 3 more designs later on. You also get a collectors coin and ‘collectors edition’ packaging. These are limited to 10,000 worldwide, which isn’t a lot. I’m pretty sure these will sell out fast!


Here’s a list of the important specs:

• Height x 430mm – Width x 160mm – Depth x 210mm

• 5 inch full-colour TFT screen with 4:3 ratio

• 3-watt built-in speaker with volume control

• Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for portable use

• Micro USB powered (1.8m cable included)

• LED backlit marquee banner

• Reverse air vents with wire mesh

• Replica wooden shell with metal details

• 100% accurate emulation running the original arcade ROM on a bespoke emulator

Again, these are up for pre-order from and are available for £149.99 which isn’t bad when you consider the quality of these. They’re available for delivery from early December 2018. I’ll include a video at the bottom which you should check out, it really shows off their quality.


Spyro Trilogy


Spyro the dragon is returning to our computing library this year with a fully remastered working of the original trilogy from 1998 onwards, due for release on September 21st this year! The new design and reworking of the original game is striking and very much adorable. The colours are vibrant and crisp, as is the merch on offer from Numskull. There’s a whole range of merch available from watches and wallets, to an incense burner which doubles as a Spyro statue, all of which can be pre-ordered from and is released on the same day as the game. Anyone who loves Spyro, which is most of us, should check out what is on offer.

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