Do You Play More Than One Game at a Time?

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Simple answer is that I do – because of the Nintendo Switch. Recently I was switching between Miles and Kilo, Octopath Traveler, and Enter The Gungeon. A great combination of games considering their genre: quick-play platformer, JRPG, and roguelike respectively.

For this scenario let’s stick with Switch for the sake of example. You have this online game store that offers a slew of titles, that often go on and off sale. If you’re like me and can’t pass on a game 50% off, even though you’re not interested in playing it now? You have to buy it. That was the case for Gungeon for me. Then I found myself in a lull with Octopath, and needed something more instead of Miles and Kilo. Enter The Gungeon was a great title to bring to the table. With two games being digital and one being physical, changing games was simple and quick. Tired of grinding an RPG? Time for pick up and play platformer. Sick of dying 10 times in two minutes? Let’s try the roguelike game for a run or two.

The Nintendo Switch feels inherently built for this type of “game-changing” ability. Swapping between titles is seamless and despite being required to close the software when changing games, the system will remind you to do so in case you need to save. The home screen button is the MVP that allows all of this to happen. It can even bring you back to the game from the eShop with another click, no need to move your thumb to the A button, this is 2018 baby!

Who else out there plays multiple games at the same time? I find the Switch the best system to use in order to do so, but my TV has two HDMI ports so I could switch to my Xbox as well if I wanted. What two or more games are you playing now, and for what systems? Thanks for reading and I hope to hear some of your examples!


I'm Trevor (or Surrealrager) I love my Nintendo Switch and writing. I make video reviews as well as written reviews. Writing in my free time has been a great creative outlet.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Play More Than One Game at a Time?

  1. I play multiple games at a time, though to be fair because I do reviews anyway I sort of have to.

    But even during quiet periods where I’m just playing for fun I’ll often have one big game that I’m really sinking bunches of time into, and one or two other games, often older ones. Like right now I’m playing Dead Cells like mad, but making time to jump into Dead by Daylight and Motorsport Manager too. Plus some Forza 7 on the Xbox.

    The Switch really does seem built for it, though! I’ve been meaning to get one. Some day. Maybe. *cries in the corner*

  2. I’ve switched back and forth between light-hearted/easier games to more intense and tough games. For example, when I get frustrated playing Breath of the Wild I will switch to Super Mario 3D World for a while.

    1. That’s seems like a great contrast of games to switch between. BOTW can get pretty serious, like fighting Lionel’s for example. Platforming with Mario is like a breath of fresh air from that.

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