do you play


  1. I play multiple games at a time, though to be fair because I do reviews anyway I sort of have to.

    But even during quiet periods where I’m just playing for fun I’ll often have one big game that I’m really sinking bunches of time into, and one or two other games, often older ones. Like right now I’m playing Dead Cells like mad, but making time to jump into Dead by Daylight and Motorsport Manager too. Plus some Forza 7 on the Xbox.

    The Switch really does seem built for it, though! I’ve been meaning to get one. Some day. Maybe. *cries in the corner*

  2. I’ve switched back and forth between light-hearted/easier games to more intense and tough games. For example, when I get frustrated playing Breath of the Wild I will switch to Super Mario 3D World for a while.

    1. That’s seems like a great contrast of games to switch between. BOTW can get pretty serious, like fighting Lionel’s for example. Platforming with Mario is like a breath of fresh air from that.

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