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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Gameplay Reveal

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At 4PM today Rockstar released a six-minute gameplay reveal of their forthcoming behemoth Red Dead Redemption 2. Complete with a narration of some gameplay mechanics, we were treated to a stunning display of what we can all look forward to playing this October. Besides looking astonishing, the world itself appears to be populated with a fully functioning ecosystem, complete with wildlife, townsfolk and your posse. From the brief video, I got vibes of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Mass Effect, with choices you make in-game affecting NPC’s within the world. Just meeting a traveller along the road gave you options to help them ignore them or blow their brains out. Rather than have defined side missions it also appears as though you will just be presented with choices as you traverse the map to involve yourself in people’s lives.

Your horse can assist you not only as a method of transport but as a mobile storage locker, allowing you to carry more kit, guns and to transport your trophies from hunting the fauna, which you can then bring back to your gangs camp for sustenance or alternatively sell at a local town. Hunting seems to be a game in itself, having you track animals you have injured using a tracking system and a brief clip showed that fishing was also an option. Interaction with your gang and horse gave the impression that developing relationships is key to survival within the world.

As the trailer faded out, a promise was made that we will soon see another detailing mission structure. Nobody was doubtful that Rockstar would deliver on their first true release since 2013, but this game is looking like it could top GTA V as the pinnacle of game development.


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