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Nintendo Direct Imminent!

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Speculation is rife at the moment around a Nintendo Direct landing this month. Depending on who you believe it could be early August (Marcus Sellars) or mid-August (Leaky Pandy). Either way, an August Direct would follow a general Nintendo pattern. With the holiday season not too far away, they will undoubtedly outline their plans for the rest of the year and beyond.

We all know the two big titles releasing between now and then are Ultimate Smash Bros and Pokemon let’s go. However, we also know a great deal about both of these titles. Smash was heavily featured at E3 and Pokemon let’s go has had various trailers released. Therefore I would expect their Direct time to be rather peripheral.

Interestingly, last month a Nintendo exec (forgive the lack of a name, for the life of me I can’t find it!) said that there will be more titles released this year that haven’t been announced yet. Let’s not forget that Nintendo approach E3 rather differently to Sony and Microsoft. Whereas the latter two like to outline their year at E3, Nintendo prefers to showcase a few titles and then present more throughout the year through their own presentations.

What new titles will be announced at the Direct? If any? One such title that makes sense to me would be a port of Mario Maker, Mario Maker Deluxe if you will. As it’s a port the development time would be shorter than a ground-up game, also the title was hugely popular on both the 3DS and Wii U. Curiously, last month Mario Maker on 3DS was added to the Nintendo Selects range which sees the price drop to around £15 which is a big discount. Are Nintendo trying to shift stock before a Mario Maker Deluxe release in December?? That’s my guess, but that’s all it is a guess. If true though, it would be a great addition to the Switch library and bridge the gap until the next 2D Mario platformer is released.


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  1. They say this every month (it’s becoming the boy who cried wolf).

    If there is going to be one it will just concentrate of switch online (comes out next month).

  2. Can’t wait! Maybe they will announce new information on Metroid, the new Pokemon game, and hopefully some brand new titles.

      • I’m right there with ya haha. I was yelling when Fallout 76 was announced *shakes fist at screen* I wanted the more traditional Fallout. Also was looking for Nintendo to announce more titles instead of keeping on Smash the entire time.

      • The thing with E3 and Nintendo is they don’t see it as their yearly showcase like PlayStation and Xbox, they’d rather have their directs throughout the year and keep fans updated that way, which I prefer really

      • True I’m pretty late to realizing that Nintendo does that. I would prefer more frequent releases that way but I was just so impatient

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