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The Fall – Nintendo Switch Review

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the fall

The Fall
Release 10/05/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Over the Moon games bring their 2014 platformer game, The Fall, to Nintendo Switch. It is the first story in what they set out to be a mind-bending trilogy! To date we have been treated one of its sequels, aptly named The Fall Part 2: Unbound, which was released earlier this year. Both games have received generally positive reviews and it’s nice to see them ported over. It will be safe to assume that the third in the trilogy will also be heading to the Switch on release or shortly after.

Our compelling story begins with you assuming the role of ARID, the artificial intelligence onboard a high-tech combat suit. ARID’s program activates after crash landing on an unknown alien planet. The human pilot within the combat suit is barely unconscious, and it is ARID’s duty to protect him at all costs. As she progresses into her twisted and hostile surroundings, driven to find medical aid before it is too late, the realities of what transpired on this planet force ARID to reflect upon her own protocols. In The Fall we follow ARID’s journey in an attempt to save her pilot and ultimately challenging the very rules that are driving her existence.

The development team have tried to create a unique combination of a number of genres married into this story – adventure, puzzle solving and side-scroller action – which works in the most part but can be a little confusing at times. The game is set against a futuristic, dark and atmospheric world. Exploration will be paramount to surviving your adventure. Utilise ARID’s flashlight to uncover a myriad of interactive objects. If what you uncover is hostile, switch on your laser sight and kick some metal! Get ready for a disturbing journey as you fight, explore, and think your way forward, expanding ARID’s world, in spite of her protocols.


The presentation is good but the control method doesn’t seem as fluid as its Steam counterpart where a keyboard and mouse rules supreme in making maximum use of the suits flashlight. Level design is fairly open in the structure which allows for lots of exploring to be done in order to make overall progression in the game. The puzzle elements are relatively hit and miss though with little in-game guidance it leaves much of the solution down to trial and error… or as I like to call it Google.


Final Words:

I guess to sum it up, The Fall is well polished, delivering a decent visual style that is complemented by a reasonable voice cast. The story is interesting and gameplay attempts to challenge you into thinking about what your next move will be but ultimately is lacking. Puzzles can be a source of frustration also but the game is short, in part because it is the first chapter in the trilogy so hopefully this will be addressed in the sequels.



TBG Score: 5/10

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 10/05/2018
No. of Players: 1
Category: Adventure, Shooter, Puzzle
Publisher: Over the Moon
Twitter: @OverTheMoonGms
Download link: eShop

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