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Sausage Sports Club – Nintendo Switch Review

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Sausage Sports Club
Release 17/09/2018
Switch version tested
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Founded in 2015 Luckshot Games is an indie studio and brainchild of game designer Chris Wade, not the MMA fighter one would presume. Chris has a number of games in his portfolio and even helped on the much-praised Mortal Kombat X during his time at NetherRealm as Associate Software Engineer. Luckshot Games was set-up to focus on making new, innovative and fun gaming experiences the likes of which we haven’t seen before – enter Sausage Sports Club.

The title alone is something to behold, I mean it could be taken the wrong way! but alas Sausage Sports Club is a physics game about floppy animals playing sports – naturally. The game boots-up to a super cute title screen showcasing some of the main characters. I was impressed with the cartoon art style, it was much akin to something you would see on Saturday morning show.


The main menu offers the choice of three game modes, Adventure, Free-Play and Quick-Play. Play solo or local co-op with up to four friends in the Adventure Mode! Compete, make friends, and explore the toy-filled Overworld as you make your way through a season of the hit reality show Sausage Sports Club. Having a party? Perfect! Up to eight players can compete or play together in Free-Play, exploring the Overworld and making your own fun. Finally, Quick-Play which lets you jump right into the competition but the question is where to begin with mini-games – Soccer, Sumo, Capture the Flag, Paintball and Coinz – the world is your lobster.

Initially, you are given access to six playable animals, Peck the Pigeon – Piotr the Eagle – Scout the Dog – Young the Pony – Jaws the err… Shark and Hedgie the hedgehog. You can also add a total of 3 bot controlled animals on the character selection screen if you so wanted, who buddy up with you along the way. I personally was taking this mission solo! Either way, you decide to play, you’ll find a whole heap of unlockable content in the form of characters, skins, and hats.

As the main Overworld loads you are promptly shown around by another one of the animal buddies, the first stop is the local gym where you are given a quick tutorial. This covers the basics – one button push for a jump with a second, while in the air, for a power slam. Right stick to bash opponents or everyday objects with your elongated head and that’s enough to get you going. The second part of the tutorial is a visit to the Hat shop, after each event you are rewarded with XP that when at a certain level allows you to unlock the next gift – a quick mash of the button and it unwraps before your eyes. You also collect coins throughout the game which then, in turn, can be used to purchase the unlocked gift items from the shop.

I enjoyed my playthrough of the Adventure mode, which just is an extension of the other modes stitching the mini-games together with a loose story. Spread over five days you must complete three basic quests daily with regular progress updates given by a TV presenter. The fifth day acts as a summary and awards presentation. The quests themselves are in essence a discover and fetch exercise but add to the variety of gameplay involved. Each mini-game lasts only a few minutes but they are all action-packed, mostly fun but always frantic from beginning to end. Often a little too crazy for my reaction speed, old man alert and yes as always some are ‘better’ than others but it really comes down to personal preference – i.e. which ones you are good at!


Soccer – the beautiful game so I’m told. Play alone or in teams with the winner decided by goal difference. This was one of the slower games to play and took a while to master scoring depending on which arena was being used.

Sumo – I found this the toughest going, it was manic most of the time and hard to follow. The aim of the game is to kick, push or slam an opponent into one of many spiked areas around the arena adding to your total score each time. I often found a decently timed kick was enough to send anyone into the abyss.

Capture the Flag – this was fun and worked very well with multiple players. Simple rules, find the opposing teams flag, return it to your base, defending your own flag.

Paintball – as it sounds although probably not what you are thinking of, roll a giant paintball around the arena in a splatfest of colour in order to achieve the greater coverage.

Coinz – this one was great fun, essentially the same as Sumo but with added coin collecting. Highest score wins!


As you progress new areas of the Overworld become available for exploration, each providing its own unique setting and events arena – Bug Museum, Tiny Tokyo, Junkyard and Aquarium. Where the game really shines is when playing with a group of friends, the competitive nature of the mini-games brings out the best and worst in people. It’s geared up for multiplayer from the off and makes a good addition to anyone’s party game catalogue.


Final Words:

Sausage Sports Club is a short and sweet title, all wrapped up with a warm fuzzy glow. It plays well and comes into its own when sharing with friends, my only minor gripe is that I would have liked a greater variety in mini-games but really that’s it. If you are wanting a quick blast of entertainment solo or multiplayer then definitely consider this.



TBG Score: 7/10

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 19/08/2018
No. of Players: 1-8
Category: Party, Sports
Developer: Chris Wade
Publisher: Luckshot Games
Download link: eShop

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